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How To Do On Page SEO For Massive Search Engine Traffic

How To Do On Page SEO For Massive Search Engine Traffic

If you are searching for ways on how to do on page SEO, It is the structuring of the content of your website to better tell the search engine robots what it is all about, what your keywords are and what to rank your website for. The better your on page SEO the more chance you have of your website showing up on the first page of the search engines like Google. SEO can be a hard to understand topic, and some marketers shy away from ever tackling the SEO side of internet marketing,but it’s not hard to understand when you get the basics of search engine optimization, plus there are tools to automate most of the process, making it much easier to do.

They are some key components to optimizing the content of your website and how to do on page SEO for better search engine rankings, for example:

Keyword Density

Length of your Content

Keyword in your content tittle

Keyword in the Description of your content

Keyword in the URL

H1 Tags containing Keyword

Keyword in H2 Tags

H3 Tags containing Keyword

Bolding of Keywords

Italizing of Keywords

Underlining Keywords

Having an image with your keyword in the ALT Tag

Keyword linking to another page on your site (preferable home page)

First and Last Sentencecs contianing Keyword

No Follow Tag to all outboud Links – (rel=”nofollow”)

Seems like a whole lot doesn’t it?

When you get all your on page factors leveraged it will take a lot less work to get a first page ranking if you didn’t. A website which is well optimized for it’s keyword and a few backlinks will out rank a website which has a lot of backlinks but doesn’t have it’s on page factors leveraged.