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Stephen King's Best Books
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Stephen King’s Best Books to Read in Spare Time

There are many genres of book that can be read by everyone. You must be familiar also with famous writers like JK Rowling who have had success with Harry Potter. But there are also Stephen King’s best books. This figure has recently been in the spotlight. Do you know what are his books? You might be already known his movies which are adapted from the novel. Yeah, this amazing writer is very famous with his horror genre. For those who are looking for alternative books to read, there are some options below. It’s true that sometimes you need to refresh your mind by reading different genres of book.

The Green Mile

The number one of Stephen King’s best books to read is The Green Mile. In this book, he creates a black man or negro character that committed a crime. Because of this problem, jailed and given a death sentence. The story becomes more interesting when the main character has a power to heal only with a touch. It’s all about a prison drama that you can read and enjoy in your spare time. You should know that this has been nominated for Oscar in 1999.


Now it’s the time to discuss about the latest book namely IT. Since it’s made into a film, there are fans who are excited for the second IT. For those who don’t watch yet, the story tells about a group of teenagers who trapped in a haunted house. If you don’t like clown, you might be afraid to watch this movie. It’s because the Pennywise aka the clown has a very scary face.  For those fans, you don’t need to wait longer because the second movie to premiere in September this year. The story will begin when a group of teenagers becomes adults.


According to the title, the story tells about what happened on November, 1963. This genre might ber different from the previous. But it also as amazing as the others. When you read this book, you will be invited to go back to the old days when President John F Kennedy dies. This time, King created a story based on a real moment. But he added the character that has a power to change the history by preventing the JFK assassination.

Salem’s Lot

For those who like vampire or Dracula story, Salem’s Lot is one of the Stephen King’s best books to read. Salem’s Lot is a small town in Maine. You can feel the atmosphere of vampire terror at night. King really knows how to make the reader feel the story. You can imagine that there is a vampire that haunt you and want to suck your blood. This must be terrifying.

The Stand

The last book you can read is The Stand. This is the fifth novel which was published in September 1978. But this is also the last of King. It has a horror fantasy drama that becomes the longer edition. He added pop culture references based in the that time. Even, this is also translated into dozen languages.