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How to Get Involved in Freelance Copywriting

How to Get Involved in Freelance Copywriting

Virtually anyone can learn and apply basic copywriting tips to land freelance writing gigs. Here are a few copywriting tips that have helped me and many of my coaching clients increase our incomes.

Don’t spend so much time studying copywriting tips that you fail to actually look for clients. One of my mentors, Christian Mickelsen, likes to say “Done is better than perfect.” Believe it or not, this advice applies to all types of freelance writing gigs. The best way to improve your writing is to actually do it; don’t just read or think about copywriting if you want to make money.

Take all those copywriting tips you learned and create samples of your work. If you haven’t written a press release or a sales letter, do so. Ideally, you will volunteer your services or take a couple of low-paying freelance writing gigs. However, you can simply create samples and send them to your potential clients upon request.

Visit job-oriented websites such as , Craigslist, oDesk, and Guru to find people hungry for your copywriting. If anyone demands you sign up for a “free trial” or asks for money to apply for freelance writing gigs, run away. This rule does not apply to products such as eBooks or software programs that you really could use for your business education.

Don’t just hide out in your house hoping to make money from all those copywriting tips you’ve practiced. Go out to events with groups such as Business Networking International (BNI) or even your local church, school or hobby-oriented organization. Let people know you’re looking for freelance writing gigs, but focus on what you can do for your potential client. Being outwardly focused is usually much more important than your actual writing experience.

One of the best actual copywriting tips I can give you is to not just rely on spell check. Your customers will be very upset if you didn’t catch mix ups of homonyms such as “deer” or “dear” because you did not proof your work. Remember that your work reflects not only on you, but also on your client. The fastest way to pull yourself out of the running for future freelance writing gigs is to submit sloppy work.

If you really need work, consider mailing introductory letters to local businesses offering a free 15-minute copywriting tips consultation. During the consultation, offer your services as a copywriter. Also, ask if your prospective client knows anyone else who could use a “marketing message makeover.”