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How to Create SEO Friendly Content

Create SEO friendly content is not an easy matter. Because we will face millions of competitors from keywords that have been targeted. Lately a lot of SEO experts who use SEO plugin paid. So their articles and websites are always ranked first in search engines. Automatically make the newbie trouble to shift their ratings.

There are other ways that your content can shift the content of SEO experts. Here’s how to get your content into SEO Friendly content.

Article Title determines SEO Friendly Content

To be able to top the title of your article should be interesting. The title is interesting and has a moderate competitor, in the sense of competitors only hundreds.

Then how to make an interesting title? Creating titles that contain keywords and having attraction can also attract visitors. Examples like this, “How to Create Content.” Compare with, “How to Create SEO Friendly Content.” Surely someone would prefer the second title. That’s because the second title gives you confidence that your article is what they expect it to be.

Original Content

Original content is one of the absolute requirements to be top rank in search engines for a very long time. Why is that? Because the bookmarkers and search engines love the original content. Just imagine if you copy someone’s article. It is definitely readers only once visited your blog. That’s because readers have already read it on other blogs. The worse they feel that all the content that is on your website/blog is content that is not quality.

Then how to create original content? Creating original content is not easy. You must follow all your heart and mind and then pour it all into your article. In addition to the original content, you must also have 1000 words in the content in order to beat your competitors. This 1000 word strategy should not be applied unless you have a large number of competitors / million.

Maybe you are wondering, then what if content topics are the same as others? Actually, the content is never the same because it has a different writing style and has its own uniqueness. But usually, the title is the same. If the title is the same does not matter, just publish directly. But you must first investigate whether your content is more interesting than the existing content? If more interesting and longer words you use then feel free to publish.

Quality Picture

If we create content at length it certainly has one or more images. Well, the image must be a quality image to the first rank in the image search engine.

The quality picture is not the original image meaning. It could be a result image from another source, but you have to make changes in the image. Like changing the background, background color, adding text, and more. Most importantly do not forget to give Alt Text on the image according to the title/keywords you have targeted. So that search engines easily recognize the image.

Heading Text Optimization

Having a Heading text in each of your articles makes it very easy to be the first rank in search engines.

Heading Text is divided into several parts but the most influential is Heading 1 (H1), Heading 2 (H2), and Heading 3 (H3). Usually, I put H1 in the title of the article, H2 match the title, while for H3 for writing subtitles.

Internal Linking

Internal Linking is a link that leads to a different page on your website. But to put the internal linking must be in accordance with the content of your article. Because if you place an internal link that is not appropriate then the visitor will not click on the link.

External Linking

External Linking is a link that leads to someone else’s website. By providing external linking then you can have a chance of being ranked first in the search engine. Because of search engines like websites that have external linking. But you need to remember is never to provide an external link that disturbs visitors.

These are some ways to create SEO friendly content. Actually, there are many more ways that you can use.