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Importance of On-Page Optimization in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Importance of On-Page Optimization in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Do you want to promote your website or business over the internet? Are you interested to make your website as a growth engine of your business? All these questions have one answer that promotes your website in search engines and search engine optimization (SEO) will definitely help you in this matter. When we talk about SEO it is mainly divided into two parts.

1. On-page optimization

2. Off-page optimization

Combination of on-page and off-page optimization will give you online success. I would like to discuss about importance of on-page optimization in SEO.

In general, on-page optimization on-page optimization refers to the factors which can be controlled by changing coding of your webpage or website. On-Page factors are related directly to the content and structure of the website.

On-page optimization involves below activities.

Title tag Optimization

The Title Tag is an HTML code that shows the words that appear in the Title bar at the top of web browser. Title Tag is an important Tag amongst other SEO options. It communicates the theme of the webpage for human and search engines gather information about website.

Meta tags Optimization

Meta tags are generally design for the help of search engines to know what their site was about. In all Meta tags, Meta description tags are still in use. This tag is an HTML code that allows you to give

a short and brief outline of your web page content.

Modifying Headings

Heading tags (H1 through to H6) are given more weight by search engines than regular body text. So we should use them wisely to strengthen the page’s overall keyword theme. Among all heading tags H1 tag is the most important. It should be placed at the top of content so that visitors can easily understand what the content of the page is about.

Image Optimization

Images play major role for attracting visitors. Website is having eye catchy images help to increasing visitor’s attention to your website. But many search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing are unable to read images. So we need to put alternate text for image. Also reduce image size so web page can easily load.

Content Optimization

Well optimized content always help your web site to get top position in Search engines. Content is the king. Every search-engine spider always tries to store as much as new content in their database. So use wisely your targeted keywords in content.

Internal Linking

If you do right internal linking then you can improve your website over all usability. By linking to relevant content to your readers so it becomes more effective than your main navigation.

All above give brief idea about importance of on-page optimization in SEO. Optimize website properly and enjoy top ranking in search engines.