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Link Popularity – How to Use the WordPress Reloaded Social Bookmarking Tool to Develop Page Links

Link Popularity – How to Use the WordPress Reloaded Social Bookmarking Tool to Develop Page Links

Developing popular links to your website and online content can be easily done through using social bookmarking tools such as the WordPress social bookmarking RELOADED plugin. If you operate a website or blog using WordPress this is an easily installed plugin for your site.

Using this tool, you can easily add any less of graphic links which will be at the end of your content published. Your readers will then be able to click on the links and submit the content to several social bookmarking sites. This will also create an additional page in your admin section of your site which you can later edit and customize.

Most of the top social bookmarking sites have partnered on this program to allow content to be automatically submitted to them using the plugin. Sites such as digg, Mister Wong,reddit, . us, Google BUZZ, and the majority of top bookmarking websites can be used.

To install the program all you have to do is go to the site and download the plugin. Within a matter of seconds it will be automatically installed onto your blog platform and be ready to use. The file is downloaded a ZIP file which also includes an instruction document on how to install and use it properly. There are versions of the social bookmarking RELOADED program in the English, Spanish and Italian.

In order to develop the greatest amount of online presence for your website and sales pages you need to make use of all of the tools, tips and techniques for obtaining the greatest amount of link popularity, back links and bookmarks to your pages. By either using self submission online tools such as OnlyWire or any of the WordPress plugins will help you to eventually have higher page ranking by developing more page links.

The more visibility you have online in the greater chance your online content comes up higher on searches the greater the possibility that you will be able to attract more targeted niche traffic to your website and sales pages. Once people come to your webpages is your job then through the content you’re using to make it as valuable as possible to them. If they deem the content is good and think that they want to share with others they can then use the RELOADED tool at the bottom of your blog posts to post it to social bookmarking sites.

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