The Secrets For Fast Profitable Copywriting

The Secrets For Fast Profitable Copywriting

Many people consider that writing copy for the web is difficult and best left to the professionals. With a little common sense, anyone can easily write compelling salescopy. All you need to do to produce good copy is follow a few simple rules.

Here are some suggestions to help improve your salescopy.

Adapt Your Copy Style

You need copywriting skills for several different forms of web content, and you need to vary the style of your copywriting to suit each publication. Salesletters require one style of copy, blog posts require a different style of copy, and sites such as Twitter require yet a different style. Learn to adapt your style to make it appropriate for where the copy will be published.

Your Words Affect The Readers Perception

The type of words you use will affect the reader’s perception of you and the offer you are making. You must pitch the words that you use to your target audience. Do you need to use young, hip words, or should you be using serious professional words?

Headlines and Sub-Heads Are Vital

Many readers just skim your copy and initially don’t read the text. You need your headlines and sub-headlines to jump out and grab the reader. Are the headings powerful enough to stop the reader and force them to read the text below the heading? If you just had the headings, do they form a powerful message on their own?

Keep Fonts Simple And Consistent

Try to use only a small number of fonts. There are certain fonts which are proven to work well in salescopy, so use these if you can. Lots of varying fonts will confuse the reader and make your copy hard to read.

Break Up Your Copy

Don’t try to cram too much onto the page. Make good use of short paragraphs with only a few sentences, so that you do not overwhelm your reader. This will make your copy easier to read, and result in more readers following your complete salespage. Your need to give the reader’s eyes a rest as they read.

Make Your Copy Flow

Each section of your copy should flow naturally and easily into the next section. The reader should feel drawn automatically into each section. Make sure that the sections are in a logical order within your copy.

Break The Rules

Every so often, it is good to “break the rules” and do something that shocks the reader. By breaking the rules you will grab their attention. Use this technique sparingly or you may alienate your readers.

Check Spelling And Grammar

It is very simple to use a spell checker before publishing. Don’t allow spelling mistakes into your work, or the credibility of your writing will suffer, and you will lose readers.

Good salescopy is essential if you want to be successful and profitable online. Having compelling salescopy can increase your online profits many times over. Just by learning a few simple techniques, almost anyone can produce their own salescopy.…

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8 Benefits of Online Learning as the Latest Learning Method

In recent years, online learning or e-learning methods have begun to be promoted by various groups. This method is considered to be an alternative for a more flexible and practical learning process and is preferred by the current generation of students. There are so many benefits of online learning, especially in terms of delivery which tends to be more attractive so as to increase interest in learning.

What is Online Learning?

Online learning is a teaching and learning process that utilizes the internet and digital media in delivering the material. The online learning method is considered closer to the current generation of students who are known to be very integrated with technology products. This is one form of digitalization in the world of education that has many benefits.

Benefits of Online Learning

Online learning is starting to become a trend in the digital era and can be used as an alternative to learning in many situations. Here are the benefits of online learning that you need to know. If you want learn ACCA, visit this website

Practical and flexible The first benefit of online learning is in terms of practicality. With online learning, interactions between teachers and students will be more practical because they do not have to travel to meet. In addition, there is no classroom as a place for formal learning. The teaching and learning process can take place anywhere as long as it is conducive and can help to focus. In addition, there is no need for extras such as the need to “dress up neatly” or “appear formally” so that it is more flexible.

A more suitable approach Online learning uses a technological approach that is more suitable for today’s learners than conservative methods of learning in the classroom. The delivery methods used in online learning classes are also generally a combination of formal and informal. You will more easily understand something that is conveyed in a way that is more in line with your “style”, right?

Enjoyable learning experiences Online learning has released learning items in the classroom such as teachers with markers and whiteboards, and students with notes and pens. You will get more interesting teaching with various media formats, be it photos, videos or audio. All of them will give you a more enjoyable learning experience.

More personal Some online learning techniques may use materials that are one-way, but many also provide two-way communication. Some online learning classes really connect students and teachers at the same time to be able to interact like in class, but in front of a screen. The teacher will directly provide learning materials and students will be able to directly ask and discuss it. In this way, online learning can be said to be more personal because both the teacher and the students actually have two-way interactions at one time.

Save time and money. In conventional two-hour learning, for example, it takes at least 3 hours for classes to start due to space shifts. Both teachers and students have to take the same journey time to reach the class used for learning. In addition, there are additional costs such as the procurement of books and photocopies of materials and so on. One of the other benefits of online learning is that it cuts all these expenses so that students and teachers only need to be connected to a screen and an internet connection.

Easy to document With conventional learning methods, students need to take notes or to make copies of the course material for themselves. Another way is to photocopy the material, but this method will require paper media so it is not very practical. Another benefit of online learning is using media that allows students to record and store the material provided in digital form. So that it can be easily accessed and studied again at a later date.

Environmentally friendly With reduced mobility, you have indirectly reduced the pollution caused by motorized vehicles. In addition, online learning does not require paper either for the provision of materials, questions or data collection. This of course has a positive impact on the environment because it reduces the consumption of paper made by destroying the environment and reduces the waste generated from its use.

Alternatives during social distancing The COVID-19 outbreak has forced us to limit social interactions to break the chain of spread, including the teaching and learning process in the classroom. However, education must continue, one of which is by utilizing an online learning system. With this system you and your teacher do not need to meet but the teaching and learning process can continue.…

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Tips for Effective and Efficient Online Learning in a Pandemic Period

During pandemic times like now, not only parents do work from home, but students to students also learn from home. Of course, with the learning method at home due to the pandemic, we need an effective and efficient way of online learning. Because it is possible for everyone at a time like this, if they are at home they will be lying down.

When conditions are still normal, teaching and learning activities are often not conducive. Learning activities from home will certainly not be more conducive because there is no one like a teacher who controls learning activities directly.

But now even though learning activities are done at home, students must be able to position themselves to continue learning online effectively and efficiently. Here are some tips for you to learn online effectively.

Prepare a special room for online learning

The online study room has been connected, suddenly there are members of your family who interfere, it becomes one of the obstacles to online learning that is less effective. Make the atmosphere of the room in the house as quiet and comfortable as possible. Avoid studying online in bed because it makes you sleepy in the middle of online learning activities. If you have made your study room comfortable, your online learning activities will be more effective and efficient.

Create a consistent online study schedule

This is important for you to apply, especially if you are taking online learning while working. This is where your time management will be needed. Choose a study time that you can follow without disturbing your other activities. This must also be supported by the online study schedule that you follow. For that, you can arrange and look for a flexible online class schedule.

Make sure your internet is stable while studying online

Well, this is the most important! The internet network that is not smooth hinders the effectiveness of online learning. So before starting online learning, you must make sure your internet connection is good. That way, you will be more focused when studying online.

If your internet connection is unstable, ongoing online learning activities will be less effective. Make sure the Wi-fi network at home is smooth, or if you use a cellphone signal, make sure your quota is sufficient and the network is good.

Prepare drinks and snacks if needed

Provide mineral water and snacks to accompany online learning. prepare food and drinks so that you stay focused and don’t go back and forth when suddenly thirsty or hungry. Try to have mineral water and fruit ready, because during a pandemic you have to keep your health by consuming fruits. Avoid consuming unhealthy snacks, especially those containing MSG.

Finish studying online, make a summary of the learning evaluation

This is to measure the extent of your understanding, what new skills can be practiced, and what things are not fulfilled. If the evaluation stage has been carried out, make it a note to determine whether you need additional online learning classes or not, so that the online learning classes you take don’t end up in vain and you don’t get the knowledge.

Online and offline learning activities are certainly very different. Review of learning materials at the end of online learning is very necessary because the material delivered when learning online must be difficult to understand. Therefore, you must take the time to review and independently study online learning materials when they are finished.

So, those are the tips that you can do while studying online so that it is more effective and efficient. What about your version of online learning, you can use for getting tutor.…

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Copywriting Tips – Does It Pay To Offer Discounts?

Copywriting Tips – Does It Pay To Offer Discounts?

There is one very big downside to copywriting, which is why I won’t ever allow it to be my main source of income. If you don’t write, you don’t get paid. It’s a service industry. And as with any service industry, in order to make money, you have to provide the service, unlike ebooks that can sell even while you’re sleeping. So, when a potential client asks you if they can get a discount on your service, does it pay to give them one? This article is going to explore this issue. You can make up your own mind on what to ultimately do.

First thing we have to take into consideration is how long you’ve been doing this. If you’re just starting out and you need some testimonials for your work, then offering a discount on a sales letter might not be such a bad idea. In fact, you should probably offer your service to X number of people for a very low price in order to build up, not only a portfolio of work to show people, but a portfolio of testimonials as well. The more people that you can show were happy with your sales letters, the easier it will be for you to get more clients.

Another thing you have to take into consideration is what your time is worth to you and how long it takes you to do an average sales letter. I can usually crank out one in about a week working about 8 hours a day. If my time is worth at least $100 an hour and I’ve put in 56 hours into doing a sales letter, I’m going to want at least $5,600 for that sales letter. I might go as low as $5,000, but that’s it. Now, if your time is worth less to you, then you’ll charge less. And any discount should be based on the minimum you’ll be willing to work for.

Finally, you probably want to take into consideration your relationship with the person asking or potential long term relationship that could come from writing the sales letter. If it’s a friend, or at least somebody who you’ve had a prior relationship with, you might be more willing to consider offering a discount as opposed to somebody who is a total stranger. I know there are some people out there who I would write a sales letter for dirt cheap, if not for nothing.

Anyway, these are the factors you need to consider when deciding on offering a discount for your work. Ultimately, it’s YOUR decision and only YOU know how comfortable you are with doing this. There are pros and cons to offering discounts. On the one hand, you’ll probably get more work. On the other hand, you’ll be working more for less money.

Somewhere in there you need to strike a balance.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim…

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Copywriting Tips – Should You Ask Your Prospect Their Budget?

Copywriting Tips – Should You Ask Your Prospect Their Budget?

Somebody at the Warrior Forum asked in a thread if it bothered you when a copywriter asked you for your budget. Well, the answers came fast and furious. It appeared that the sides were really split on this one. Some people were totally against it, felt it was rude, and others just took it with a grain of salt. But the question is, from the perspective of the copywriter and potential client, should you do it? This is not an easy question to answer, but I’m going to do my best to give you my personal opinion of this issue.

I think we can all agree that the last thing a copywriter or a client wants to do is waste time. What’s the point of getting into a discussion about project details if the copywriter is in the $5,000 to $10,000 price range and the client is looking to spend 500 bucks? I mean it just doesn’t make any sense. So by asking the prospect what his copywriting budget is, it immediately qualifies the client as either somebody you will work with or won’t work with. Doesn’t that make sense?

Well, the counter argument is this. Why not just have your copywriting fees on your sales page? Well, there are several reasons why this doesn’t work.

At the top of the list, many copywriters do not charge just one fee. For example, they’ll charge one amount for a sales letter for a 50 page eBook and a completely different amount for a set of 10 DVDs. Few will charge the same amount for both projects. And the prices may be worlds apart.

Another reason this doesn’t always work is that many clients don’t find the copywriter through his sales page. Many will find him through forums like the Warrior Forum. If that’s the case, they’re going to have absolutely no idea what the fees are.

Taking the argument one step farther, those against asking for a budget claim that all the copywriter has to do is ask the prospect what they want and then quote their price based on what the specs are. The problem with that is many prospects don’t even know what they want or what info has to be given. And a copywriter doesn’t want to waste time with these people dragging out all these details only to find out that their price is out of their budget anyway.

Asking for a budget is a quick way to qualify your prospect…period. It saves both people a lot of time.

Whether or not you, as a copywriter, do it is up to you.

In my ‘s good business sense.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim…

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How to Write Your Own Copy – A Quick Guide

How to Write Your Own Copy – A Quick Guide

Should You Go it Alone?

Not everyone has the budget (or hours) to outsource their copywriting. This is especially true of small businesses; such enterprises want to minimise their expenditure whilst maximising time spent on lead-generation. Conversely, business professionals – (who often aren’t specialist writers) – are often called upon to produce persuasive, call-to-action copy. If you’re sagely nodding your head, then you probably fall in to one of these two categories. You already know commercial writing isn’t easy and wonder how you can acquire the specialist skills necessary to make your words work well for you.

My honest recommendation is that you should hire a professional to do the work. I’m not just saying this because I’m a copywriter – my comments are based on experience. I frequently encounter business owners who’ve spent circa A�1,000 on a website, but are reluctant to invest a third of that cost on the writing process. In an attempt to save money they undertake the project themselves or hire someone on a shoestring budget to do it for them. The result is unfocused, unconvincing copy that isn’t even search-engine-optimised.

If you must go it alone (and if you work for someone else, you have no choice) please refer to my short collection of tips, below:

Plan Your Work

Before I begin work for a client, I ask them to complete a questionnaire. This is quite basic, but provides me with the following information:

(i) what they do;

(ii) how they do it;

(iii) what they’re selling;

(iv) what that product/service does; and

(v) why that product service is unique.

Sometimes, I’ll follow up with a short phone call, just to iron out any discrepancies. I’d advise you to do the same. Using the above headings, write down some ideas. You can then use these bulleted-points to form a structure. Without a plan, your writing will lack logic, purpose and impact.

Less is Better

Your customers lack patience. They want quick answers and will lose interest if things aren’t immediately clear. Online browsers, in fact, have an attention span of about 51 seconds – which means you’ve little room for verbal acrobatics. Keep your writing tight, crisp and relevant and you’ll retain their attention.

Optimise Your Copy

If you’re writing digitally, it’s important to include some keywords and phrases in your copy. Don’t overdo it, though; otherwise your writing will appear contrived. Also try to include definitions of your business that aren’t too generic. Online competition for a phrase like ‘marketing consultant’ will be in the millions, so use ‘experienced online consultant’ instead. If you’ve access to a keywords.…

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Copywriting Tips – Are You Sure You Want to Be a Copywriter?

Copywriting Tips – Are You Sure You Want to Be a Copywriter?

The grass is always greener on the other side. If that isn’t one of the biggest cliches in the world, I’ll eat my hat. Truth is, there is a lot to that cliche. When it comes to copywriting or doing other things, more than you realize. So the question I’m asking in this article is a simple one. Are you SURE you want to be a copywriter? No, this isn’t a trick question. After you are done reading this article, you’ll understand why I’m asking it.

What you probably don’t know about me is that I am also a marketer. In fact, I was a marketer before I become a copywriter, at least professionally. Oh yes, I always wrote my own copy, but never offered my services to others until recently. And when I did, I discovered something absolutely amazing. In fact, it was so fascinating that it made me wonder why I do this copywriting thing at all. Let me explain.

I can sit down and crank out a limited run product at 100 units in about 8 hours and make about $3,000 from it. That comes out to close to $400 per hour of work, which isn’t too shabby. Now, I’m not a high end copywriter by any stretch of the imagination as far as price goes. But when I calculate how long it takes me to go over a product, in order to write the copy for it, and then actually write the copy, I figured out that I’m making about $50 for an hour of work.

Do you see the problem here? Naturally, if you’re not a marketer and writing is all you can do, you’ll take it and gladly. But think about it. There are easier ways to make a buck online. I can think of many jobs that pay more than $50 per hour of work. And with some copywriting jobs, the amount of work, because of extra bonuses to go over, brings your hourly pay down to that of a McDonald’s fry cook. Think I’m kidding? I’m not.

Point is, while being a copywriter is certainly a glamorous profession, and while there is a certain excitement about seeing your sales letter rake in the sales for somebody, if you’re thinking this is an easy way to riches, you might want to reconsider this as a that I’m trying to discourage you. I just want you to realize that all is not roses on this side of the fence.

As I am quickly finding out.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim…

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