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Powerful Copywriting Tips For Writing Attention-Grabbing Headlines

Powerful Copywriting Tips For Writing Attention-Grabbing Headlines

You need customers. That’s no secret, but how do you attract them and keep them coming back? The best way – which happens to be one of the most powerful copywriting tips – is to write attention-grabbing headlines. As we surf the Internet, we click on the headlines that incite our curiosity the quickest. If your headlines are boring, you’re not going to get people clicking, and they’re going to miss out on the great things you have to say. You might be tempted to think that this is the customer’s problem, because he or she is the one missing out. Unfortunately, it’s actually your problem because you’re the one not making any money. Don’t let this happen to you!

Writing attention-grabbing headlines is quite possible, but like most things in life, it requires a good deal of thought and practice. Among the many powerful copywriting tips out there, one needs to be adhered to at all costs: While the headline should grab the reader’s attention, it should never be misleading. If customers feel cheated because the article has little to do with the headline, they probably won’t be back – and they’ll certainly tell others about their experience. You can lose both customers and profit if you are persistently dishonest. That’s not a fate you want to befall your business. Remember to focus on powerful copywriting tips such as writing attention-grabbing headlines and you’ll be sure to attract a significant customer base.

What are your customers searching for? What interests them? Use their search terms to your advantage and make the headline interesting. If you’re doing it right, they’ll want to know more about the topic after reading your headline, but be sure to incorporate the terms they’re most likely to search for. Even the best headlines won’t be found if none of the common search terms are included. Take your time writing attention-grabbing headlines, just like you would with the actual copy that the headline encapsulates. Both have value, and both can bring your company tons of revenue when you incorporate powerful copywriting tips.

Here then are some powerful copywriting tips for writing attention-grabbing headlines that will grab your readers attention and make them want to gobble up every word.

Have a Big Idea-Your article has to be about something. Don’t just throw darts at the dictionary and churn out meaningless drivel for SEO purposes. Tell people something they don’t know, and make it valuable. But all of that starts with the Big Idea, which should appear prominently in the headline.

Use Powerful Words-Words like free, money, happiness, love, (yes, even sex) all tend to draw the eyes of potential readers. Find a good copywriting book and find a list of the powerful words that should appear in every headline.

Fewer is Better-A wordy headline turns people off. Find a way to say what you want to say using as few of the power words as possible.

Polish and Perfect-Don’t write the headline and forget about. Keep tweaking it until it’s exactly the way you want it-and so it pulls in readers by the dozens.