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Copywriting – 5 Vital Tips For Writing Profitable PPC Advertising

Copywriting – 5 Vital Tips For Writing Profitable PPC Advertising

If you’re a copywriter who’s writing for clients, or do your own Web copywriting, you need to pay attention to Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. It’s expensive, so each ineffective ad you write is costing you money.

Here are five vital tips.

1. Use the Keyword You’re Targeting in Your Ads

Ensure that you use the keyword which you’re targeting in the ad itself. When you’re writing a series of ads, it’s easy to forget to do this.

2. Create a Landing Page for Each Ad Group

This is the biggest mistake that PPC advertisers make. They send all their traffic to irrelevant pages on their site, or even simply to the home page.

Remember that when somebody clicks on an advertisement, you’re promising them something. If you fail to deliver on that promise when they click through to the landing page, you’ve lost them. And more to the point, that loss is costing you money.

Write your landing pages as soon as you’ve created an ad group. Each ad group should have its own landing page, or even several of them. As soon as someone clicks on an ad, they should be taken directly to the landing page which is most appropriate and which delivers on the promise made in the ad.

3. Forget Fake “Scam” Ads: Think About What Your Prospect Wants

You’ve seen the many PPC ads which include the word “scam” in the text. This is pure laziness. This tactic may once have worked in the distant past, but it no longer works, and just makes your advertising look cheap and spam-like. You’re wasting money.

Think about what your prospect wants from your product, and write your PPC ads so that they target his needs and desires.

4. Take a Break: Don’t Write 20 Ads an Hour

It’s easy to write PPC ads. They’re tiny, so you can write many ads in a single session. However the more ads you write, the more likely it is that you’ll lose track of what you’re actually trying to achieve.

Remember your ad groups and your landing pages. Each time you write an ad, check the landing page to ensure that you are delivering on the promise that you made in the ad.

5. Research Your Prospect: Ask Questions

This tip is so important that it should go without saying. Before you write any advertising, and even before you research keywords, it’s vital that you understand your prospects.

Check out forums and websites which are read by your target audience. What are their concerns? How does your product or service address those concerns?

The more you know about your prospects, the more effective your advertising will be.