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Recognizing Artificial Intelligence

Que es la inteligencia artificial (AI) is a simulation of human intelligence that is modeled in machines and programmed to think like humans. Meanwhile, according to Mc Leod and Schell, artificial intelligence is the activity of providing machines such as computers with the ability to display behaviors that are considered as intelligent as if these abilities were displayed by humans.

In other words, AI is a computer system that can do jobs that generally require human power or human intelligence to complete the work.

AI itself is a technology that requires data to be used as knowledge, just like humans. AI needs experience and data so that its intelligence can be even better. Important points in the AI ​​process are learning , reasoning and self-correction . AI needs to learn to enrich its knowledge. The AI ​​learning process is not always prompted by humans, but AI will learn by itself based on AI’s experience when used by humans.

What is quite interesting about AI is that it is capable of self – correction . If you’ve ever heard the AI ​​expression “If I never win, then at least I can’t lose” it’s a bit scary, too. AI is programmed to continue to learn and improve itself from the mistakes it has made.

If you are still confused about how AI works, let’s take one example, namely AlphaGo. When initially developed he was given 100,000 Go match data to study. Then, AlphaGo will play Go together with himself and every time he loses he will improve the way he plays and this playing process will be repeated millions of times.

One of the advantages of AI over humans is that AlphaGo’s AI is that humans can only play once at a time. While AI can simulate several matches at the same time. So that the learning process and experience can also be more than humans. This was proven when AlphaGo played with the world champion Go in 2016 he could be the winner.

Broadly speaking, an artificial intelligence can do one of the following four factors.

Acting humanly , a system that can act like humans.
Thinking humanly , a system that can think like humans.
Think rationally , a system that is able to think rationally.
Act rationally , a system capable of acting rationally.