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SEO Process For Beginners and Intermediates Part 1

SEO Process For Beginners and Intermediates Part 1

While surfing on the internet you may have come across ‘Search Engine Optimization’, popularly known as SEO, several times. If you want to know more then follow this post.

SEO basically means to optimize your website for search engine (SE) friendliness. If somebody searches a particular topic (search query) on internet using websites like Google, Yahoo, Bing and more, they find the results of their query (the query they typed in the websites home page) from these.

Ever thought how the search engines know what result to show out of the billions of websites and trillions of web pages all across the internet. Well, all these SE use some algorithms to find the best result for a particular query.

SE’s Crawlers crawl entire internet to find the information on every website and webpage. They make a list of particular words or lines on the Web pages and store the data in a format which allows them to easily show the relevant results. These words are known as Keywords. When you type a query in the search engine, it actually is a Keyword you are typing.

There are billions of people who search for particular information through these search engines. And they pay attention to only the first 5 to 10 results. The websites that appear in these 5 to 10 results get the most visitors (the people who typed the query). These visitors are known as Traffic. The more Traffic you have the more chances are there for you to serve them with what you have to offer in return of some benefits to you. Benefits include anything, name, fame, money etc.

Now, if you want your site to come in those 5 to 10 results. You have got to fight with other related opponents who also want their sites at the top spots.

Search Engine Crawlers pay attention to the title and webpage content to make a good assumption about a particular website’s worthiness to show it in the search results, above other related websites. Website administrators need to develop and configure their websites in a way that makes it more appealing (optimised) to the Search Engine Crawlers. This process of optimizing the website for search engines is called as OnPage Optimization. You can learn about OnPage Optimization in the next post of this category. The other process which is also important is OffPage Optimization which I will cover in later posts. If you want to know more visit .