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Social Media Tips – Best Tools For Writers, Consultants, Coaches, and Speakers

Social Media Tips – Best Tools For Writers, Consultants, Coaches, and Speakers

Are you a Writer, Consultant, Coach, or Speaker? If so, you more than likely always find yourself in a mode of self-promotion. Social media networking sites are great tools to use for informing customers and potential clients of current events.

Here are just a few of the uses for such sites:

1. Letting people know where you will be appearing

2. What you are writing

3. Asking people to sign up for mailing lists

4. Posting pictures of jobs you have completed

5. Posting inspirational notes

6. Positioning yourself as THE EXPERT on your niche.

Great sites to use in order to implement the strategies are Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and WordPress Blogs as marketing tools. Integrate all of these sites and tips into your social media strategic plan and you too will see your sales up double digits in no time.

Freelancers even use social media platforms such as Twitter as a cyber water cooler, but also to target the people they follow to potentially grab freelance work from them or referrals. It’s a great way to get a inquiries.

Do you incorporate a membership platform into your website or off of your blog? If so, have a social media presence on your homepage directing your members and interested people to several outlets to interact with you: LinkedIn, Twitter, Second Life, Facebook, etc. Check out the value of YouTube in your PR efforts also.

So, in your planning efforts use a blog, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, possibly manage multiple Twitter Handles, Co-Tweet for management, have a “Personality” on Facebook as well as a company page.

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