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Attention Grabbing Headlines – 6 Ways They Can Draw Your Prospect Into the Copy

Attention Grabbing Headlines – 6 Ways They Can Draw Your Prospect Into the Copy

Did you know that five times more people will read your headline as compared to all the rest of your copy? This is why attention grabbing headlines are vital to stopping your prospect and drawing them into your sales letter. Effective headlines will increase your response rates.

If you want more business success, you need to learn how to write attention grabbing headlines. It just makes sense to understand that the best copy in the world will fail to get the response you want if the headline doesn’t stop your prospective customer in their tracks and give them a reason to want to read on.

You will only have someones attention for five seconds until they decide to click off your sales page online or throw you offer in the trash.

The famous advertising Guru David Ogilvy knew the importance of attention grabbing headlines very well. He’s the one that stated that the headline will be read five times more than the rest of the sales piece. He even went on to say that if 5 times the effort and time were put into the headline, it would be well worth it.

This just emphasizes from someone that knows a little about headlines, that it is really the most important component of the sales letter. You have 5 seconds to make it count and create a desire for your prospect to want to keep reading.

So what’s an attention grabbing headline going to accomplish?

Stop your prospect and entice him or her to keep reading – This is the main idea and reason there is always so much talk about headlines.

Piques your prospect’s curiosity

Specifically targets your visitor – A successful headline can attract your visitor and no one else. You really want this, because your target market isn’t everyone. The headline will eliminate everyone else besides the person that really wants to but your product or service. That’s why it needs to be specific to that individual.

Promises something you really want

Challenges and motivates you

Introduces an offer that’s very desirable

These are all excellent ways to create a great headline that will lead your visitor into the offer. However, an extremely important concept to always apply, is to be never mislead your prospect with a headline. Whatever you promise or convey in the headline, it better show up in the remainder of the copy.

For instance, if you promise 7 ways to increase website traffic that no one knows about, then you better bring that up and explain more about it in your sales copy. Of course, you’re not going to give it away in the copy, but it need to be there and explained enough so your prospect wants to buy the product. And, you had better deliver in the product.

Never try to mislead to draw people in, because once they figure out it was just used to mislead them into the copy, then you’ve lost credibility, a prospect and you negatively brand yourself and tick a lot of people off.

To close, attention grabbing headlines are essential to draw prospects into your copy and increase response rates. Just be sure that they are never misleading and the ideas and promises are also always included in the copy body.