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What Can You Do in Developing Creative Writing for Kids?

In this very modern age, we can’t control any sophistication of technology. Gadget becomes one of the examples that make kids are lazy to study. Well, you need to worry about this. Do not let them be addicted to the gadget from childhood. There are still useful activities they can do like writing. It’s a good strategy to broaden their insight. Creative writing for kids could be a good strategy to try. But as parents, you should know how to support them. Let them show their talent in creating story. Don’t you believe that the imagination of your children can be conveyed in writing?

Provide a Special Place to Write

In general, a writer spends time writing on tables or at coffee shops. They will find a comfortable place to spill everything they want to say. Then what about your child? You also need to think about the place where they can be creative. Therefore, give a special place that will make them comfortable. No need to use a table but can be adjusted to the conditions of the house. You can design it as adorable as possible so they enjoy to write.

Let Them Read Multiple Books in a Day

The next thing to support creative writing for kids is encourage them in reading. But this does not mean you let them read a book in a month. This can be circumvented by giving multiple books a day. This indeed sounds tiring for children. But the fact is from reading many books, we can write a long story. It doesn’t always book with hundreds of pages. By reading small books, it also can help them in adding insight. In addition, limit them in watching TV or video games so that they can focus on what they are writing.

Praise Them with Cute Words

After collecting knowledge as much as they can, you can start to praise them. There will definitely be a time when your child wants you to read their best work. Well, at this time, they certainly expect praise from you. But make different sentences that can make them even more excited. You can use characters from written stories to express your praise. This will give the impression that you are able to feel how the character exists. As an effect, your child will be very excited when you invite him to discuss about their writing. You can give questions that can encourage them to broaden their insight. That will indirectly make their brains more creative.

Supply with Online Writing Prompts or Books

Last step you should do in developing creative writing for kids is supply them with writing prompts. Every child has their own character in writing. Those who already has the “author’s blood” from birth, they might be so creative. But there will be a time when they run out of ideas. According to this case, you can help them by giving writing prompts. It’s very easy to get it anywhere, including the internet. But if you do restrict them in using the internet, you can replace it with books.