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Writing Strategies to Keep Readers Interested

When you watch movie at Cinema or wherever it is, you must have some thoughts about the story. Whether the genre, plot, and other aspects are interesting or not. This will automatically involve the audience to interpret. Well, this case is the same as when you read articles on a blog. You will read the whole writing and conclude the point. Off course it needs good writing strategies. If you are beginners, you really need more tips related to the strategies. Don’t let the readers confused about your contents by following some tips below.

Understand if the Opening Sentence is Very Decisive

Whether you are aware or not, the opening sentence will determine your next writing. You might can copy and paste, but the fact is we still need to think about the correlation of each sentence. This is the number one of writing strategies to be applied. If you can’t make an interesting introduction, this will be difficult for the next step. The readers will feel uncomfortable to read the next paragraph. Therefore, your first job is to create captivating introduction.

Tell where the Story Will Go

In line with the previous point, you should also tell where the story will go. Introduction is like your vacation plan. You must be understood where will you go and what will you find. It’s because your readers expect a good readability. This does need creativity to make this works well. Show them that you deliver the points clearly.

Invite as If the Reader is in Your Writing

What’s next can be so essential for writing strategies is creating persuasive sentences. Emotional connection is the next thing that needs attention. You should be smarter in analysing people who will read your writing. This is an important step to do if you want to get more readers. You should know what reasons why they want to read your article again. Commonly, the story that is easy to remember is one that presents a very persuasive way. Invite the reader as if they were in your writing. So, they will feel that the story is relatable and it will stick in their brain.

Always Enjoy what You are Writing

Enjoy what you are writing becomes the next strategy you can apply. This point seems to be often forgotten by many people. But it’s true that without enjoying every sentence, our writing will less than optimal. Without heart, the messages you want to convey will not permeate the readers. Make your content sparkle so that many people will read.

Timing is also Important

Which do you prefer between using the old story or the recent one. But whatever the choice, you must know how it will be received by readers today. Something that is very past can still be an interesting story when you can collaborate with new and relevant things.

After following some advices above, you must make sure that everything is going right. Don’t confuse the reader because it affects the whole content. So, make the writing as clear and simple as possible as said by a great writer named George Orwell.