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Best Books for Toddlers
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First Time Moms Should Read These Best Books for Toddlers

As a mother, you absolutely want to find reading books for babies. But generally, there are still difficulties to find the right one. You must be confused about which book is perfect for your babies. Since it’s very important to teach them earlier, you can collect the best books for toddlers. If you go to the library or book store, you can find bunch of the books. However, the chosen books below may help you to teach your babies well.

Hop on Pop

Hop on Pop becomes the first recommendation of the best books for toddlers. Yeah, it’s a classic book but can be a good gift for your toddlers. As it’s beginner book, Hop on Pop encourage kids to read the whole story by themselves. But for toddlers, it’s impossible for them to read. Therefore, you can read the story using simple words or you can make gestures.  Buy this book at book store near you or simply through Amazon.

Love You Forever

Want to read a touching story for your toddlers? Love You Forever can be the number two of best books for toddlers. It’s true that this book has touched the hearts of millions globaly. You might cry in reading the whole story about eternal love from a mom to her kids. Even though it published in 1986, there are still many people who want to own this book.

Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are becomes the next recommended book. You can read it for your toddlers before bed. There will be a story of Max which is an old classic hero for kids. The story focuses on the power of imagination. Not only that, there are also messages related to the relationship of mother and kids. This book tells how important it is to respect mother.

The Cat in the Hat

What’s next can be a good book for your toddlers is The Cat in the Hat. As stated by Wikipedia, the story is about a cat wearing a red and white striped hat and a red bow tie. This is kind of cute because you can enjoy the story of what happens when a cat comes while mother is out. It must be so fun to read it to your babies because the cat plays many fun games.  You can try to do a mimic of the cat to make your babies laugh. But how about the story when mom comes back to home? You might be curious what will happen. That’s why, you can buy this book online or offline. are also videos of The Cat in the Hat that you can watch it on Youtube.

Oh Baby! The Places You’ll Go

The last book to read is Oh Baby! The Places You’ll Go. This is a book written by Mrs. Seuss aka Tish Rabe. Different from the previous books, you can find collection of rhymes and poems in here. It becomes more fun to read it by singing. Your toddlers will surely like it and can sleep well.