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Why You Should Use WordPress For Your Website

Why You Should Use WordPress For Your Website

There are multiple web design companies offering their custom Content Management Systems (CMS), powerful hosting and search engine optimization services. Every company it trying to win clients by doing something different, but presenting their services as unique, as something that you can’t get anywhere else. And this is good business practice. This is what competitive businesses do.

If you’re not too sure or confused about all these choices – consider building your website using WordPress. Yes, the same system that is used by millions to power their blogs. The same system that already powers millions of business websites.

There are numerous layouts that you can choose from and if you host your own system (on a separate web hosting account), you can actually modify your template, or even create your own, to reflect the business nature of your website. Normally, the main menu pages are setup as static pages, dynamic news or catalogue items are setup as blog posts. Then you just login to the admin section of WordPress to create new or edit existing pages.

Why WordPress?

From my experience in web design and web hosting, I believe that about 90% of small business websites could be managed with WordPress. It’s a free open source platform that is already utilized by millions of blogs and other websites. When used as CMS, WordPress is “invisible” – it is solely used for the convenience of maintaining the web site yourself. There are many other reasons, too:

It is easy to install and maintain

Most, if not all, hosting companies support it

It is arguably the most popular blogging platform and therefore it is updated regularly

It is easy to update with security patches

It is secure

It can be used as a blog, website or both

Search engines love it. They keep on coming back to check for new content

You can post new pages just by sending an email

It has a lot of add-ons, also known as “plugins” that developers can utilise without re-inventing the wheel.

While the system is free, there are web design companies that charge for setting up WordPress websites. Don’t be put out by that. It’s actually a good thing. Instead of using their own CMS and locking clients into long term contracts, these companies use this open sources program to power clients’ websites. What is means that you, the client, can take over the hole maintenance of the site once it’s created, or easily find some other web design company to take over the management.

If you haven’t looked into it, make sure you do. Check it out. You may be surprised how easy it actually is to have a “CMS-based” website that you can easily maintain yourself.