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Affiliate Marketing – Why Google Loves Blogs

Affiliate Marketing – Why Google Loves Blogs

In the past it was just a rumor that Google loves blogs. But with some of the recent algorithm changes, it’s becoming more and more apparent that if you want your affiliate marketing site to show up at the top of the index, you probably should consider going with a blog.

Google loves blogs for a number of reasons:

They’re updated frequently –

Google’s main concern has always been to provide the best information possible for their users. The longer the searcher stays on a website the more apt they are to eventually wind up somewhere where they can click on an AdSense ad. And THAT’S when Google makes money.

Someone searching for information on How to Get Your Ex Back is going to get tired of reading the same old information after awhile and they may switch to one of the other search engines to see if there’s anything different over there. Updating your blog on a regular basis though keeps the information fresh – and the searcher happy. And that’s all Google really wants is happy searchers.

Blogs are centers of activity –

Again, all Google wants is happy searchers and blogs seem to answer that call by providing a lot more activity than a standard HTML website. Bloggers invite comments and comments lead to discussions – which lead to a sense of community. And when someone feels like part of a community, they’re more apt to return again and again.

Bloggers also tend to use more interactive means to keep visitors on the page – and the longer they’re on the page, the more likely they’ll click on an AdSense ad. Things like videos, polls, reviews, images, slideshows – these all give your readers a reason to pause and look around – and maybe find something to click on!

Blogs are easier to index –

If you set your blog up properly in the beginning, with attention paid to your keywords, navigation and especially your categories and on-page SEO, it’s easier for the bots to find their way around your blog and get that information to the searchers.

Websites do have their place on the web and you can get just as creative with a website as you can a blog – if you’re into all that coding and HTML. If not, though, you might want to consider setting up a blog for your next affiliate marketing site and get as much of that Google love as possible. Remember when first starting out setting up a blog is the way to go.