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4 Copywriting Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Write A Word

4 Copywriting Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Write A Word

Good copywriting boils down to more than just headlines and bullet points. You really have to know your target market and must know their wants and needs so that you can address them properly in your sales piece. Before you write a single word, you should ask yourself a few questions that will guide you on your copywriting efforts. Here’s the first question that you should ask yourself before you write a single word.

1) Do I have an effective headline?

Your headline will account for 80% of your total sales letter success. If the headline doesn’t interest your reader and capture their attention, how are you going to get them to read the rest of your sales piece? This is something that you must keep in mind because writing headlines is an art and science in and of itself.

A good tip for writing headlines is the “so what” test. After you’ve finished writing your headline, ask yourself: so what? This test will allow you to see if you’re really pinpointing the accurate needs of your market. If your headline can’t pass the “so what” test, then it needs revising.

A more expensive way to test a headline is to run it as a single classified ad. If it pulls in prospects, then you know that it is effective. If it doesn’t, then you know that it won’t work. You should use this option if you’re selling a really high priced item and plan on having a lot of sales with it. Here’s another question you should ask before writing a word of copy.

2) Who’s in my market?

Do you know the kind of people that will be in your target market? You should, and if you don’t, this is an indication that you haven’t done proper market research. How are you going to write an effective piece if you don’t even know what the people in your niche are looking for? Proper research is key if you want to be on the ball with your copy.

3) What problems does your product solve?

Whatever problems that your product solves, it should be listed in your headline and the body of your sales letter. Good copywriting points out these problems and emotionally engages the reader also. You want to position your product as the number 1 problem solver for your prospects. Show the benefits and features of your product and explain what this means for your prospect. They want you to show them the value, so give it to them.

4) Is there a good call to action?

You must have a strong call to action if you want people to take you up on your offer. Believe it or not, some people won’t take action unless you tell them to. Use key phrases such as “buy now” or “click here to order now” or “you can’t wait, click this button here to order now”. All of these phrases are effective calls to action.

You never want to give your prospect the time to mull his decision. Give him what he’s looking for and tell him to take action – now!

All 4 of these questions are things that you must consider if you want to write good copy. Good copywriting means figuring out everything about your prospect first before you begin selling to them.

Good luck writing the copy for your next sales letter piece.