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Tips for Designing Magazines You Need to Know Before Printing

Magazine is one of the mass media that has a variety of information for readers. Magazines consist of a collection of papers that are printed and arranged together. The information provided in magazines usually consists of various topics of discussion that are in accordance with the topic to the illustration of the image. In the magazine, between one story and another story is not related in the next topic. Magazines do not only contain text, but also many pictures that provide information in the form of advertisements and discussion of other topics.

If you want to create a magazine, you should follow some of these magazine designing tips, such as the following.

1. Design a Magazine Cover

Before you move on to making magazines, try making a design for a magazine cover. An attention-grabbing cover is essential to selling your magazine to readers and inviting them to dig deeper into the publication. These magazine design tips should be your primary guide before printing and designing magazine content.

2. Choose Color

The next magazine design tip is choosing colors. Before moving on to the next step, you need to choose a color that is attractive and stands out. This is to grab the reader’s attention by playing with color for the magazine section. All colors have their own match. Therefore, you must be good at matching colors with the topic of the magazine.

3. Take the Time to Perfect the Contents of the Magazine

As soon as readers open the magazine, the contents page will be their first glance. Content pages should be functional and allow readers to find sections and articles easily, but they can also be a great place to exercise a little stylistic creativity. Limit the number of articles you highlight in each row or column of your grid, to give each item more breathing room and help maximize white space in your layout. When designing your magazine, focus your energies on making your content pages as well structured and stylish as possible. Since this is a reference spread for the rest of the publication, you want to make a good impression.

4. Choose Magazine Content

After the previous magazine design tips have been done, the next step is to choose the magazine content. If you want to create a magazine with a fashion theme, choose magazine content with a variety of appropriate topics. Don’t forget to also choose photos that match the concept of the magazine. Now is the time for you to experiment with placing the image in a slightly off-center position, to give the layout a pretty look. Look for photos that share a particular color theme or style, and group them together on the page, as in the sample layout below. This will help your layout to feel stylish, beautiful and soothing to look at.

5. Think Content Placement in Magazines

Before you create or print a magazine, don’t forget to think about the placement of the content in the magazine. In this case, you must adjust the layout of the content according to the topic of discussion in the magazine. Tips for designing a magazine on this one is very decisive for the results. Especially if you print or make magazines that discuss fashion and so on. Likewise with editorial magazines, placement is very concerned.

Those are the magazine design tips that you need to know before printing it. Make sure you follow some of these tips for maximum results. If you want to print it online, you can also do it at There are various types of material choices that can be used.