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5 Most Popular IT Skills Companies Are Chasing For

5 Most Popular IT Skills Companies Are Chasing For. Jobs in the IT ( Information Technology ) field are now being hunted by many companies. If you want to explore a career in IT, you need to increase your skills and knowledge that are more related to the latest technology. Whether in the form of technology related to networks, programs, and so on.

Here are five of the most popular jobs in the IT field that many companies require. What are they? Check out the reviews below.

1. Programmer
Programmers are currently the most sought after. Because the task of a programmer is to design a program. So a programmer is an important component within the scope of corporate organizations that use IT technology as standardization.

2. Network Engineer
Network engineer is a job working in the world of networking. This work focuses more on the network systems that make up the communication system within the corporate organization. In his duties, a Network Engineer is required to be able to handle network or network problems, both in terms of maintenance to troubleshoot.

3. IT Support
For this type of work, general skills related to software, networking, and PC troubleshooting are required. So that within the scope of this work, an IT Support is required to be able to know the basics of all IT fields and divisions related to technical repair and handling.

4. Database Administrator
Database Administrator is a type of job in IT related to the database used in the program that has been planned. In this job, a Database Administrator is required to be able to maintain, maintain, and back up the existing databases in a system.

5. Security Engineer
This expertise is also very much needed in the scope of companies that use IT standardization. Because the job of a Security Engineer has a very heavy responsibility.

Because they are required to be able to design, build, and maintain the security system used in the system to be built.

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