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5 Ways to Improve Your Copy and Boost Your Online Business

5 Ways to Improve Your Copy and Boost Your Online Business

Content is the mother of any online business. It gives a website his weight and fills the spaces in its structure. Anyway, you could dispose of the best quality content in the whole www and make nothing out of it just because you put it out there in the wrong way. And here is where online copywriting comes in to save your life. I initially approached the basics of copywriting through the works of John Carlton and Armand Morin, at first, and Frank Kern, later. Anyway, there is a lot more of it out there, if you just search for it.

Copywriting is a skill, an essential one if you want your copy to get read, and as a skill it can be acquired by studying it. If you want my advice, it is something you will need to look at from a close view point before or after, if you want to really succeed in your online business. Learning even the basics of it only can save you a lot of time and pain.

In this article I would like to share with you some of the main features you should keep in mind when you are writing web copy.

1) First thing, you need to think about a reader

You need to craft your work in order to make the main points of it stick out of the copy, allowing a quick read. This way, a reader can get aware of the value inside the copy and his interest will make him get deeper in the read. Look for ways to entice interest at first glance.

– Put the main phrases in bold or heading style

– Use italic characters

– Check your work by standing back from the screen to see how it looks like: the bold parts should stick out from the un-bold ones conveying a sense of structure.

2) Ask yourself this question: does this worth the time reading?

Again, you need to see your copy through the eyes of the reader. The most important thin he is giving you is his time, the time he spend reading your stuff. Your job is to make this time worth. Be essential, eliminate superfluous phrases. On the other hand, be careful not to be too short and careless. Remember that your post is there to turn a casual reader into a faithful one.

3) Lay down your points in a concise way.

You need to deliver your key points through a single line or two, at the most, of text. If you keep on going for far longer, you may write a blog entry about your day and all your feelings: the longer you go, the easier it will be for you to lose your visitor.

4) Always check the grammar and syntax

Correct grammar and syntax convey your professionalism. It is a indirect way to build trust in your customers. I usually write my posts in Microsoft Word first, profiting of the automatic grammar control, then I read them one more time before publishing. If you want you could use a spell checker, there are plenty of them available on the web.

5) Always Format your post with white spaces

The use of white spaces to interrupt long paragraphs allows the reader to absorb more easily your copy. Seeing copy in small chunks separated by white space reduces the strain in his eyes, makes your post more appealing.

Try to follow these tips and you’ll see how it can improve your blog readability and results. After a while, they will become an habit for you, another brick to your success.

If you are interested in more copywriting tips, you can find it on Blog Auto Poster’s Blog copywriting resources page.