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SEO For Beginners

SEO For Beginners

So you’ve started your new site added you’re products and your eager to see some return on your investment, some sales. You won’t get any sales without any traffic that’s why shops pay a premium to be in busy shopping malls. You could have the best shop in the world stocking the greatest products at the keenest prices, if no one can get to it your not going to sell much are you?

So how can you get this traffic when you are just starting out? AdWords or other PPC (Pay Per Click) Services? AdWords is great way to get targeted traffic but it costs money, when you are just starting out you want to keep costs to a minimum don’t you? AdWords is a very good way to check whether or not your pages will convert or whether there is any need for your products but it is not a longterm solution and can be very expensive. Greater expenses equals less profits.

It is a fact that people trust organic results more, people are more likely to buy from you if you are in the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages) organically and not as a sponsored listing.

If your site does not show up within the first 3 listings your chances of getting a sale are dramatically reduced, not on the first page you may as well forget it.

So how can you optimize your site to get top listings?

There’s 2 parts to Search Engine Optimization that you need to consider, the first part is called on page optimization, this refers to what you actually do on the site you have complete control over this part of your SEO Strategy. If you have a WordPress blog there are some good plugins to help with your SEO.

The second part is called off page optimization this refers to links that are pointing to your site, a link to your site is seen as a vote but not all links carry the same weight some have more importance than others.

One good way to get links is directory submission. Submitting your site to directories can be a good way to get incoming links and traffic for your website.