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8 Essential Copywriting Tips

8 Essential Copywriting Tips

The difference between a successful and a not-so-successful ad campaign is often the ad copy. Copywriting can be simple, if you approach it the right way. Here are 8 essentials you need to keep in mind when writing a copy.

Always personalize your copy. Put yourself in the shoes of the consumer. Instead of using ‘you’ while addressing your consumer, try using ‘I’ to give your copy a personal touch.

Make it conversational. Write a copy as if you are personally speaking to your consumer. Tell him about the product, and what is in it for him. This makes a consumer associate himself with the product quickly and easily.

Try to build the skeleton of the copy by studying the product and its services. Talk to people who know about the product. Take their verdict. Try listing all points on which you could sell the product and also benefits associated with it. Make an outline that can function as the foundation for the ad copy.

A good copywriter should be a very good salesman. As consumers and their culture vary from one area to another, a copywriter should know how to convince consumers depending on their demographics. A good salesman speaks well and convinces the consumer and a good copywriter does the same through his writing.

Always write whatever it takes to make a sale. The more informative the copy, the more the sale. Don’t cut short a copy unless you feel it would generate a lead or sale. Always try to give complete information about the product.

Address your copy to a single consumer always. The copy should be direct and clear. One big advantage a copywriter has as compared to a salesman is that he hasn’t to be face to face with his consumer when doing his job. A copywriter gets to draft, then review, incorporate changes, consider and even take feedback before the copy gets to his consumer.

You could make your copy humorous but keep in mind that if the humor misfires, the ad and the product would fall under serious jeopardy.

One of the easiest methods to grab attention to use quotes in your copy. Make sure the quote is relevant and short. Since consumers associate directly with quotes, your copy will be more effective.

Another effective method is to ask questions. This creates an interest in the consumers’ mind and he will yearn to know the answer to quell his curiosity.