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How You Can Demonstrate On A Live Webinar

How You Can Demonstrate On A Live Webinar

When running a webinar, your screen is shown live and you speak to people in your audience live. This simply means that the most effective way that you can demonstrate to people is not by using a PowerPoint presentation or a mind wrap, but a simple demonstration of you actually doing something, whether it involves creating an auction in eBay, placing a real estate listing, writing an article, posting an outsourcing job, setting up a blog. Whatever it involves, the most powerful and effective way of passing across your message to people is by showing it rather than telling it.

On your next live webinar, try any one of these demonstration methods; a web browser, a screen shot PowerPoint, or point and click marker method.

The downside of demonstrating something on a call live is that things might go wrong. For instance, let’s say you are demonstrating to your audience how they can set up a blog. So many things might go terribly wrong. You might show your password on your live screen accidentally when creating that particular blog. Also, your web post may be down and you may also come across some error that you haven’t seen before.

If you are very afraid about something going wrong on your live webinar, ensure that you take screen shots of what you are demonstrating. Take the screen shot of the whole screen. If you are demonstrating to your audience how to set up a WordPress blog, you can take screen shots of your web browser, then paste them all into presentation using PowerPoint and fully stretch the screen so that it can fit the whole screen. By doing this, you are actually flipping through the screenshots of what you are demonstrating, when you run the PowerPoint show. Therefore, your audience can see exactly what you were demonstrating without the risk of something going wrong.

Just use the browser if you want to show something live. Very few people realize that they can actually demonstrate other things other than PowerPoint alone on a live webinar. Show your web browser on the screen and then press the F11 button to have it presented in full screen and this will ensure that your audience gets to see the most of your web page. Now, show how to set up a blog using WordPress, post a forum, make an autoresponder list- just about anything you can carry out with a web browser, you can demonstrate on a live webinar.

Lastly, when trying to demonstrate a point to your audience, don’t forget to explain each point clearly and click. Remember to also use the marker to draw what you are talking about. For instance, when explaining a point to do with a WordPress blog, you may mention something like the steps to take in creating one.

Create the WordPress blog, include a theme and also add plug-ins. You may then open the marker and write on your screen words such as create, theme and plug-ins. This will help people get the whole idea and see what you will do.

And that is how you can demonstrate on live webinar using a PowerPoint screenshot, a web browser or a marker tool.