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Write a Sales Copy – What to Include in Your First Copy

Write a Sales Copy – What to Include in Your First Copy

Everyone says sales copy writing is an easy task. Only problem is, you are yet to write a sales copy that sells a thing. Stop worrying. Follow the steps below to write a winning sales copy.

Do Your Research

Use Google, library, interviews, polls, etc to unearth as much data as possible. Do as much research as you can. It will give you everything you want to create sales copy that attracts prospects and helps you sell your products like crazy.

Just make sure you organize your findings under three different categories, viz.


Proof and

Credibility Boosters

It will be great if you can put research materials into three different (physical) folders. The digital equivalent is, creating three different text files named benefits, proof and credibility boosters.

Benefits of the Product

Find the benefits the product brings to customers. Is the benefit a trimmer body? Healthier heart? Fine tuning music skills? Ability to write eye-catchy headlines?

Find out what the product does. Put all the benefits under a heading. You lead in with the benefits. With your copy, you make a bold promise of the benefits your product offers. Discover as much benefits as you can. It takes a little patience identifying the different benefits of a product, any product.

Even simple product like a pencil can have more than 50 benefits – only thing is, you have to apply your mind to discover them all.

Proof it Works

Substantiate your claims of benefits with solid proof. Show scientific proof, where possible. If not, show real case studies of people who have benefited from your products. Try to unearth as much proof to back up your claim of benefits as possible.

If you can’t prove it, don’t claim it. If you can prove it, brag about it. The proof part supports the claims of benefit. Without proof, your copy will collapse.

Build Credibility

Testimonials from experts in the industry helps you establish credibility. Show readers ‘who’ said about your product. It is always the ‘who’ part that is more important than ‘what’. However, it is not always possible to find a celebrity to endorse your products. In that case, use the photo and real name of the person testifying your products.

The Most Important Step – Connect them All With a Single, Powerful Idea

There is no definite order of using benefits, proofs and endorsements in your copy. You can use them in any order you want.

However, the most important point is to keep them all tied to a specific idea – a unique selling proposition (USP) or a strong selling point.

What is the biggest advantage your customer gets from your product. Answer this question all throughout your copy. Substantiate this answer with all the three elements listed above – a promise of benefits, sharing of proof your product works, and credibility boosters like testimonials and endorsements.