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Copywriting Tips – For The Reading Impaired

Copywriting Tips – For The Reading Impaired

This is not a knock on people who can’t read. I truly have a soft spot for those who are illiterate for whatever reason. I’m talking about the people who REFUSE to read. You know who you are. How do you write sales copy for folks who just refuse to read sales pages? Well, you don’ really. But what you do is you make sure you include some key things that will get THEIR attention and make them check out enough of your sales page to actually click the buy now button. Keep reading to find out how.

At the top of the list is the top of your sales headline. This has got to be big and bold and absolutely SCREAM benefits. This is the first thing your non reader is going to see. If the headline doesn’t grab him immediately, he is going to be gone. In fact, 80% of the sales you make come from your headline. If you think I’m kidding, take one of your great converting sales pages and change the headline to something that you know just plain stinks and watch your sales go through the floor.

Next thing that non readers look for is a list of features and benefits. You’re going to cover this with your bullet points. Now, what you want to make sure you do is not only cover the features of your product but the benefit that each feature is going to give the buyer. For example, if one of your bullet points for a computer product is “4 ghz processor” then right after it should read something like, “so that you can do your work at lightning speed and have more time to relax.” Features tell…benefits sell.

After that, the next thing the non reader looks for is the guarantee. He wants to make sure that if he’s not satisfied with the purchase that he can get a refund. You want to make sure that your guarantee is stated clearly and in big bold letters. Also, if you can (ClickBank vendors can’t do this) make your guarantee so incredible (double your money back, 6 months, etc.) that there is no way they can pass up your offer.

Finally, there is the price and the actual buy now button. Don’t make them hunt for the price. Many people can’t stand when they have to click the buy now button just to find out how much the darn thing costs. Make sure the price stands out and present it as a real bargain. As for the buy now button, you want it to be big and clear so that there is NO way they can miss it. You might want to experiment with the “Add To Cart” button as a lot of people are reporting success with it.

Bottom people refuse to read and only look for the high points. I’ve just given them to you.

Use them.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim