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Best Books for Anxiety

Best Books for Anxiety to Make Yourself Better

Did you ever hear about anxiety? This is one of the mental problems faced by adults. According to data from the National Institute of Mental Health, there is one from six adults in the US experiencing mental disorders. You might need references of best books for anxiety. It’s very normal because as we know, there are many famous figures who face this mental issue. We think that they have a happy life but the fact we don’t know at all what’s behind. Therefore, these books may can help you to heal yourself from anxiety.

The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook

Awarded for cognitive therapy, this book is great for reading. In the beginning, this book was published in 1980. But now it becomes the sixth edition. There will be a lot of discussion about how to manage your anxiety. Don’t be confused because the writer provides step-by-step guidance. What you should do first is learn the various skills to manage your anxiety and then after those skills are learned you can apply them to yourself.

Full Catastrophe Living

Want to reduce your stress? You can read Full Catastrophe Living. This number two of best books for anxiety will teach you about meditation. The author wants to help people who want to do meditation. He is a pioneer in reduction of stress. You can follow it from the basic meditation until the suggestions that you can apply or practice daily.

Better than Perfect

As the name implies, Better than Perfect becomes a place how to control yourself. You might think that being perfectionist is fine for some people. But the fact that perfectionists tend to feel not good enough. Sometimes they feel emotionally unbalanced. If you are belonging to this type of person, you should put this on your must read book. It will tell you how to maintain the good side and get rid the bad side.

Getting Over OCD

Have you ever heard of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD? this is also a serious issue that is often discussed by health experts. The fact is that many adults experience OCD. Well, this next option of best books for anxiety is here to help sufferers in a more friendly way. There will be cognitive behavioral therapy based on principles.

The Worry Trick

Do you really feel scared about yourself? in this book you will understand how anxiety hijacks the brain. You may have been wondering how to cure this excessive fear. Don’t worry, this book offers effective techniques to help you break the worry cycle. Anxiety is indeed too strong to make us afraid of everything. This will affect us in making every decision especially for the future. The techniques that will be given are not to avoid anxiety. There will be the right tricks that you can practice in daily. If you are ready to get rid your anxiety, it’s your time to read the book and do what this book suggest to you.  Hope that it can bring you more peaceful.