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Best Books for College Students

References of Best Books for College Students

As young generation, college students must always be up to date with news. Reading books is the most important activity to support it. Have you read the book today? You should know how to broaden your insight. There are best books for college students you should read every day. Whether they are new or the old ones, all of them will always be valuable. If you have difficulty in finding the books, you can look at some recommendations below.

Norwegian Wood

Beside reading books that can improve your skills, you also can read novel. Norwegian Wood becomes the first recommendation of best books for college students. You can put this on your must read list because this is truly a good book. You can learn about friendship and true love. there will be an important message that you must remember that if we have to change the principle of life, we also have to change the attitude towards everything that happens around. This teaches us to always appreciate people who cares us and be ready for anything bad in life.

A Brave New World

For those who are still confused with identity, this is the right book to read. It tells the story of the future that makes us have to follow the system or remain who we are but are not considered. As a young generation, you must feel that the system is too confining. However, there is no other choice because it ultimately becomes a condition to be accepted in the environment.

The Art of Happiness

Still talking about happiness, there is another recommendation of best books for college students. The Art of Happiness might can help you to understand how to make your life happy. This is a book containing a series of interviews with the Dalai Lama. There are many life lessons taken to stay happy. As we know, young people also have high levels of stress. There are some who are still strong to live life but some are not. Therefore, read more about life as motivation so that we are always grateful.

To Kill a Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird becomes the last book to read. This is a book about growing up girl. She passed challenges and relationship.  You can learn some things from her like how to face unfair life and people with different skin colours. At the end, you will see that sympathy and kindness are from all types of people. There is no specific skin colour that define how good you are. This all depends on everyone’s soul. As human being we should always understand each other. We all have different story that we don’t know. Be kind to others so that you will get more kindness to. It can be said this is very suitable to read by college students. It’s because you can learn how to appreciate diversity and create a peace with them. Apply this too in your daily lives so that you can understand what’s actually the meaning of life.