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Copywriting – How to Write Ad Copy For Different Outlets

Copywriting – How to Write Ad Copy For Different Outlets

There is an almost magical way that words are used in an advertisement, letter or on a web site, that produces results and brings home the money.

This is a secret code of sorts, which is basically a generic formula that gets “attention”, “interest”, and creates “desire” in the mind of the prospective buyer. This happens within the first few seconds of them seeing your ad, letter or whatever. Ideally this now has them reaching for their credit card and signing up.

Using words within your copy to excite and convince a reader that they want, and indeed need, what it is that you are offering, and they want it as soon as possible. This is the feeling that your copy should be aiming to provoke in people.

To start with you should write your copy as though you were talking to a pal.

Remember to use the rules of – grabbing their attention (use good strong headline, with major benefit to them).

Get their interest – (show what is in it for them, use benefits).

Create desire – (they need to feel that they need what you are offering, use emotive buttons).

Action – (tell them what they have to do now, ie visit your website for further info)

The headline of your copy is the most important element and should show the strongest benefit of your product. It should stir a strong emotion within the reader, it should answer the “whats in it for me” question. Your headline should always relate to your product and not be just an attention grabbing ploy. Headline should be around 17 words, any longer and you lose the instant grabbing scenario.

Don’t write unnecessarily – ie: don’t write two paragraphs when one will do. Keep your copy flowing by writing enthusiastically about your offer. Write only in short sentences, which should be short and punchy and around 15 words, if you cant get it down to this…split it up with use of dots. Write short paragraphs with lots of spaces. This makes it easier to read. Keep your paragraphs to around 5 lines or less.

Be honest, it is unethical to lie in copy and could get you prosecuted. Also the trust you are trying to build up from your customer base will soon fly out the window if you are unethical and dishonest in your copywriting. So, to sum up, remember the rules of AIDA, Attention, Interest, Desire and Action, be honest write your copy from a customers point of view and have fun.