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CMS Web Design Solutions – Joomla Or WordPress?

CMS Web Design Solutions – Joomla Or WordPress?

These days there are so many factors to have a look at when it comes to a perfect web design solution for your business. From look and feel all the way to practicality, implementing and maintaining your website. This is where a CMS (Content Management System) is very useful to meet all these prerequisites.

A CMS web design solution will make anyone’s life easier whether you are a beginner or novice when it comes to creating a web site and maintaining it. And to make it even more sufficient these CMS platforms comes with loads of plugins, including plugins to better SEO and so many more features.

The two CMS platforms I myself use and specialise in is WordPress and Joomla. Below I will go in a little more detail on each of these CMS web design solutions, laying out there benefits and most important features.


Joomla CMS is specialised for easy management of many different type of content in many different positions on a website whilst making it all look good and perform fast. When it comes to a blog it would be best to run Joomla with a WordPress installing on the same domain and sharing the same MySQL database.

Joomla Pros

Installation size on server is roughly 30MB and with working Template and site results to about 100MB

Friendly for all different users including Developers, Designers and Administrators

Huge resource based community for support and help with developing websites

Is growing rapidly and improving itself for over more than 3 years now

Joomla Cons

Still lacks when it comes to user friendliness for the novice to average computer user

Not best CMS when it comes to blogging

Does not work well on linux server not SuPHP enabled


This is the best solution for bloggers and blogging websites and as you know Google loves blogs. With the latest WordPress 3 and a WordPress 3 template you also have multiple menu positions and layouts as Joomla and one can create a web site with a static home page and much more.

WordPress Pros

Very simple to use as it is right out of the box with no modifications

Best for blogging or sharing your experiences and thoughts in a sequential matter

Even the most non computer friendly users can get the hang of it quick and easy

WordPress Cons

Not developer friendly

Upgrades can bring more bugs and incompatibility issues with other plugins than fixes

For some reason the WordPress community complains the most

So in conclusion whether using WordPress or Joomla it depends what your specific needs are, but I would suggest using them both together for best long term ROI and ensuring great rankings in Google and other search engines.