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Simple Copywriting Tips That Work

Simple Copywriting Tips That Work

You cannot have a successful internet marketing campaign without good copywriting. There are online marketers who have made it big just because they had a strong copy backing their product. There is no denying that you will make more sales if your sales copy is good. You can make more sales by applying some of the following copywriting principles.

To begin with, remember that when you write copy, the focus should not be on yourself. It’s about your prospect, your customer, people who will spend their money to buy your product. You could be the best in your industry and be many other things, but what your potential customers care about is your product and how it’s going to solve their problem. How your product will help them is all they want to know. People have a short attention span when it comes to hearing about someone else’s greatness, so going on about this will only cause your readers to leave your page. So your copy has to be centered on them, not you. Some copywriters don’t understand why they tell everyone how wonderful they are and yet their competitors get all the business. You should not save the part of your copy that really interests them (the benefits) till the end. Keep in mind that all of your copy should be primarily about your audience.

Another important tip is to always test your copy. For best results, test as many parts of your copy as you can think of, such as font colors, headlines and the way you describe products. Try changing various parts of your copy and see what effect this has on your conversions. You may be surprised what a difference changing several words can make. That’s why the best copywriters split test their copy as much as possible. If you have two copies and you want to know which gives better results, you simply split test them against each other. To accurately test your copy, you have to test different parts of it. Start with the headline, then the sub headline then go down the page, testing every part. Ideally, you want to know how well every part of the copy is performing, so test as many elements as you can. Last but not the least, how well your sales copy performs on the long run depends on how perfect it is for your target audience. Testing it as thoroughly as possible is the only way to find out it you’re on the right track.

Having a long or short copy has always been a debatable subject. While it’s completely up to you to choose the length of the copy, research shows that long copy always outperforms the short copy. The need for all the information on a product before buying is what makes a long copy better. But a short copy can be good for those individuals who don’t want to go through the hassle.

You may find copywriting complicated, but soon you’ll use it for everything you promote on the internet.