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Landing Pages – Personalize to Optimize – How to Optimize

Landing Pages – Personalize to Optimize – How to Optimize

Many Internet marketers use what is called squeeze pages, sandwich pages and or, landing pages as the initial greeting between themselves and their prospects. Many use replicated sites that come with the business or affiliate program they opted into. Here are just a few things that have helped myself and others to create a truly friendly feel to this initial meet and greet that truly helped our conversion rate.

Many with replicated websites and landing pages take heed! Your replicated site is one out of what could be MILLIONS! Most individuals that use these sites use them because of issues of cost with hosting their own sites, or are a little intimidated at the prospect of having to create their own. The cost can be low, do your due diligence and shop around because in the end you want to stand out of the join it. It is also not as complicated as it may seem to create and manage a landing page. Creating a page, if you would have asked me a few months ago, seem intimidating, but this is not so. Today, a few months later, I can create them in just minutes, and with greater appeal.

Make it personal. Many of the individuals that have opted into my sites and then into my opportunity have always complimented me on my pages and I would like to share with you the few things they have pointed out to me. First off were the pictures I have placed on my squeeze page. Using personal pictures of you or you and your family are of greater appeal to many individuals I have found. With all the flashy websites that are in your face, this is very different and appealing too many. Why is this? First it is because, and this is a personal belief, people want to know that the opportunity they are willing to invest in is real! They want to know that you are REAL! What better way than a snapshot of you and yours.

Your own phone number is another way to make your landing page stand out. There have been a multitude of times that I have heard the comments; “you actually exist”, “I was afraid you were an answering service in India”, and my favorite, “you really do answer your phone!” Many will think that by leaving their own number will create a million prank calls, this is not so either. I have yet to receive one.

People buy and purchase things online every day, and many are looking for a unique business opportunity like yours. They want to know you are real and that you are not just going take their hard earned dollars and run. Your landing page is this important because it is your smile and handshake, it is the meet and greet. Make them feel welcomed because they want to feel it and sense it, they want to know you and what you have to offer them and their future. Landing page optimization is not hard in a technical sense as much as it is in a personal sense. This is your chance to stand out and this is the very point at which it will count the MOST!