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Copywriting Tips – Use The Product

Copywriting Tips – Use The Product

This is something that a lot of copywriters, especially those just starting out, don’t do and it’s hurting their chances of writing a killer sales letter. This is especially true for successful marketers who want to branch out into copywriting. By actually using the product, you’ll not only write a better sales letter but also increase sales as well. This article explains.

There are a couple of reasons why this is so important. And quite honestly, I don’t know which is the more important reason. They’re both pretty high up on the importance scale for me. First there is the simple fact that if you actually use the product, you’re going to be more familiar with it. Writing a letter for the product won’t be such a robotic act. You’ll have more of your own personal feelings invested in the copy. Trust me, it will come through in the writing.

Another reason you want to use the product before writing the copy for it is because that way, you can actually provide a testimonial for it as a user. And if you’re a successful marketer who has a reputation, this testimonial will go a long way in increasing sales. Nobody has to know that you wrote the copy for the product. And no, this is not unethical as long as the testimonial is honest. Now naturally, if you use the product and you think it’s crap, you have a problem here. And for some copywriters, this is a bigger problem than for others.

Personally, if I use a product and think it’s crap, I won’t write the copy for it. I’ll suggest ways for the product creator to improve it, but I won’t touch the copy until I can write something that I truly believe in. I know this means that I’m probably not going to make as much money as other copywriters (you should see some of the junk out there) but that’s okay. I’d rather make less money and keep my integrity. Besides, I still have my marketing to fall back on.

Point is, if you use the product, you give yourself a much better chance of writing a good sales letter and by providing a testimonial, you can help increase sales. Now, naturally, there are some products you won’t be able to try personally such as if you’re writing a sales letter for an acne cure and you’re 53 years old and haven’t had a pimple in 40 years. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a hold of your son or daughter or a friend with the problem to try it and have THEM write the testimonial. By personally observing the results, this will still help you write a better sales letter.

Nothing beats personal experience no matter what it is you’re doing.

That goes double for copywriting.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim