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Copywriting Tips – Why Buyers Buy – 11 Appeals to Sell Into

Copywriting Tips – Why Buyers Buy – 11 Appeals to Sell Into

I don’t know about you, but with the long weekend coming, the beautiful weather we’re having, and with all the fish I’ve been catching here on my lake… it’s pretty darn hard to work. So pay close attention, because what I have to tell you today is important. Whenever you’re selling something, for the most part, you need to sell the end benefits or results, or the experience. Rarely does anyone find inherent value in the product itself.

That’s why, commercials for even extremely popular products like the iPhone, talk about all the apps available and the incredible experience these features give you. You never hear anyone talking about the product itself as the benefit — because that’s NOT the benefit and it’s not the reason why people buy. So with that in mind, here are 11 different appeals you should be using to capture your prospects attention and increase your sales.

1. Eliminate pain – including both physical and emotional pain

2. Burning flab – which could easily be included in the last appeal

3. Eliminate worry – which comes in a multitude of versions

4. Eliminate money worries – perhaps the strongest appeal in the ‘eliminate worry’ category

5. Avoid embarrassment – which is also sometimes a sub-appeal of ‘eliminating money worries,’ but can be used in social and psychosocial situations as well

6. Save money – usually related to a specific chore, process or product that is often used

7. More leisure time – everyone wants this, for sure

8. Safety – in today’s crazy world, people need to feel more safe in LOADS of different situations, and they’re more than prepared to pay for this

9. Short-cuts – if you can save someone time and energy in something they do, you’ve got a great appeal

10. Desire to be popular – this goes from being liked at work, to not being single, and loads of other places in between

11. Advancing and getting ahead – go-getters take action when they know there’s something in it for them

There is virtually nothing you might sell, that wouldn’t allow you to use more than one of these appeals… as long as you’re paying attention to what you’re buyers really want.