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On Page and Off Page Elements

On Page and Off Page Elements

On page optimization is the technique used to maximize the performance of web site. The on page optimization is done in accordance with the targeted keywords related to the content of the web page. When a visitor type a keyword to the search engine to search, the ‘spider’ will crawl through the content of each web page to select those sites whose contents have these keywords.

Off page optimization is as same to on page but it refer to stuff keywords in pages to direct links. It is the process of getting back links to the site and will result in getting higher ranks to the site.

On page search optimization create unique content of every page of the site implies very important status in the optimization process. Every page comprise of a unique title that should include main keywords for the page. Meta tags are HTML codes embedded in the web site. These tags are used by the search engines to share the information. The use of header tags like [h1] [h2] [h3], bold [strong], Italic will help the viewers to get the attention faster. The keywords that are submitted in the directories are to be analyzed. The keyword selection should be in such a way that it will match with the viewers. Not only just viewers, but we need potential viewers.

The off page optimization can be done through adding inbound or outbound links to your site. Submitted articles to qualify websites will create huge traffic for your site. The articles are prepared of unique content about your websites. There are so many social networking sites by which we can share information with people. The websites which is presented in these social networking sites will gain more popularity than others. Blog creation in your site also enables people to share information about product or services.