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Copywriting Tips

Copywriting Tips

1. Keep it simple. Your language, that is. Remember that you’re aiming to persuade your visitor to take the action of buying your product. Make them feel, convince them, that you’re on the same wavelength and way of life as them. You do this through your use of language. Avoid long or difficult to understand words. Also, write as if you’re having a conversation with them. For instance, use shortened words like “you’ll” instead of “you will”.

2. Avoid direct selling. This may seem strange, when, if fact, you’re trying to sell your product. Try not to make your sales page look like one. Give information about the topic of your product which will be useful or interesting to your visitor. If you’re writing about losing weight, for example, tell them about personal or others’ experiences.

3. Use emotions. It’s psychologically the case, in most examples, that people buy based on their emotions or responses to their own emotions. They think about it afterwards. So, analyse your products attractions and the wants it fulfills in terms of emotions. It might serve to allay someone’s fears, their needs for social prestige or their need for money.

4. Grab attention. Your headline must get the attention of the visitor from the first moment or else they won’t read your sales page. Particularly, you need to make them curious about what you have to say, and not just the product. If your page is about a losing weight product, then use the headline to tell of the exact details of when you or someone lost a certain amount of weight and its effect on your or their life. In this case, for example, the emotion might not just be about the loss of weight but the social admiration or increased sexual attraction of that loss of weight.