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On Page Optimization – 3 Keys to SEO

On Page Optimization – 3 Keys to SEO

In today’s Information Age, businesses are adapting to modern methods of transacting business through the internet. Any business of significant standing requires a corresponding website offering all the relevant information about the enterprise, thus creating a marketing platform for boosting overall sales. A good website needs to go through a process of internet search engine optimization in order for it to have a competitive edge over other sites.

The process of web optimization requires adherence to certain guidelines including web designs standards. This means the website should conform to certain stipulations such as easy accessibility, being CSS based, search engine optimized and created with a standard structural language. An association known as W3C, or World Wide Web Consortium, in addition to other bodies that deal with standardization, defined these standards. The result of these agreed upon standards is enhanced access and interoperability of documents that are on the Internet.

The first thing that is noticed when anyone logs on to a website is the main graphic at the top of the home page which is known as the header. It may sometimes be referred to as the headline, heading masthead or banner. It is important for web users to get a good impression from the first image that they see and this is why the header needs to be appealing. A basic header usually consists of an image file which has the title of the website as well as a logo. The graphics used should be striking and animation may be used to add vibrancy. A high quality header adds esthetics and offers a competitive edge thus boosting the potential for sales.

Search engine optimization assists in building traffic on a website and in order to fend off any competition. The text that is used on the site needs to be altered in a certain way so that certain keywords have a prominence throughout the site. You can take advantage of the ALT tag for images, and make sure that you include a keyword in this text. Start with the header graphic, and make sure it’s ALT tag text includes important title, description and keywords, as this will be one of the first things the search engine spider will see. This will increase the number of times that key words appear in the text and this frequency can boost SEO optimization by the saturation of the keyword text. This should not, however, be overdone because most search engines have special analysis software that can detect sites that have overused that alternate text method in a bid to gain greater visibility on the Internet.

Entrepreneurs need to put all the above issues into perspective when coming up with a website or upgrading already existing sites. Businesses can achieve a great deal of publicity with the smart use of web related optimization techniques.