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Explosive Landing Page Optimization Strategy Brings Targeted Traffic

Explosive Landing Page Optimization Strategy Brings Targeted Traffic

Are you getting the traffic you want from the article marketing you slave with day after day? Probably not, and if you are then more would still be better. Am I right? Traffic, especially targeted traffic, is what brings sales to the article marketer. Traffic you will get with a strategy I like to call extranet landing page optimization.

There are always new ideas out there for getting more traffic but usually they are complicated, time consuming, expensive or all of the above. Not this time. This idea is really simple and does not really require much work at all. Plus, once you understand the steps involved you can do the same thing over and over. You will need to understand a basic marketing concept called complimentary product marketing before we can go any further.

Complimentary product marketing involves the following basic steps, tweaked for the Internet:

Identify a highly targeted group of customers that have a common need.

Identify a place where these customers “hang out” on the Internet.

Find products or services that would be relevant to this same group of customers.

Join an affiliate program to market one or more of these products or services.

Intercept these customers when the customers are going to their “hang out”.

Display advertisement offers for the similar products to the customers.

Simple but incredibly affective, this marketing strategy along with an extranet landing page optimization technique will attract lots of targeted, ready to buy customers. You won’t even need to do a lot of back links and all the other time consuming extras that seem to keep you busy enough to scream.

You will need a little knowledge of SEO to pull this off, but not too much. Understanding keyword research will be a requirement but that can be learned quickly. There really isn’t anything unique about the steps I will take you through except the part about using the external landing page optimization strategy that works every time if you do it right.

Would you like to know how to use a very simple strategy that pretty much everyone is ignoring? It’s cool, effective and also is a totally free way to get buyers to your pages. You will have to do some research that I will explain later but even that isn’t that difficult or time consuming. I want to give you the complete details just for visiting my website.