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Why Online Copywriting Is Important

Why Online Copywriting Is Important

Did you ever try online copywriting? For the past few years, it has been a growing field and one that has proven to be profitable for many professional copywriters. Why? It is mainly because of the demand set by Internet marketers for high quality copywriting services.

In reality, there is not much of a big difference between traditional print and web copywriting, largely it is just the medium. Still there are best practices already established to make writing for the web a lot easier and effective. After all, the goal of copywriting is to convert, which is basically to convince a reader to become a buyer.

Often, in order for any type of online copywriting to be successful, it has to be optimized for at least one keyword. And that keyword is usually the product or service that is being offered by that website. Of course it can differ depending on the goals of the Internet marketer or the copywriter himself. However, what remains is that keywords play a vital part in helping people find out about that website and read that sales copy on that site.

A sales page on any website still needs to be found, particularly through the search engines. This is called the organic search because it is free and it comes naturally. So if you are a copywriter, how should you be using your keywords? Here are some online copywriting tips. It’s through the proper placement within the sales page. The most important is to put it in the title tag. Then you should also put it in the H1 tags and also at least a couple of times within the sales copy. You can go for three or more keyword placements if the copy is a long one.

Speaking of a long copy, there is a common practice among copywriters. That is it’s often a better idea to write long sales copy if the product you are selling is a bit expensive, like if it costs a thousand or more in dollars. Why? Simply because people would need a little bit more convincing before they would part with their money. But if you are just selling a product that costs a hundred dollars or less, a short copy is usually more than enough.

Another good approach when you are writing to sell on the web is to take the first person angle. Your writing should sound like it is talking directly to the reader and trying to convince the reader why the product it is selling is the best in the market and why it is worth every cent of its price tag. If you read some good examples of web copywriting, you would notice that those copywriters are applying this technique.

So there you go. Now you know why online copywriting is important especially to every Internet marketer out there. If you think you have the skills to write really good sales copy and then offer your services on the web, now is the time to do it. As they often say, strike while the iron is hot.