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How to Get the Most Out of Your Website

How to Get the Most Out of Your Website

Truly using your website for all promotions of your business is key. So you get yourself a website, and now you think your ready to conquer the world, or maybe your industry. This is what you should be thinking, but just by having a site, does not mean you use the website to its full advantage. You need to “OWN” the site. I mean be an active visitor to it. If you are a roofer and do 2 jobs a month, then you should be uploading new pictures with consistency. Search engines like new content. Do not fall into the trap that “your webmaster nickel and dimes me, or he does not get back to me. Many website platforms offer the owner the ability to make all changes themselves. Before you get a site do your homework!!! Make sure that it fills all of your needs. Flashy is not always better. Basic sites that are well optimized and give the end user the information that he is looking for, is far better then a site that is not easily navigated. Ease of use is very important. Any advertising that is does to promote your site must be able to be tracked.

There are very inexpensive ways to see how your internet marketing is working. After you set that up, you need to check it and analyze it everyday. Too many business owners never see how things are going with their internet marketing. Lets say they do SEO or PPC, after they set it up, how often do they check their page rank, or see if they need to up their budget on PPC (Google AdWords). The answer is not often or even never. You may get lucky and things are progressing well, but chances are they are not. If you are not checking the PPC you might have fallen off the first page of Google, because everyone else has out bid you. Another way to own your site is to talk to other people in your industry. Not necessary from direct competitors, but if we are talking about that roofer, then maybe a supply company or maybe a national roofers association site. Talk to them about having your link on their website and you will do the same for them. These are great links that look great to the search engines. They are authoritative sites in your industry, and you never know, you might even get a new client from it.