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Number One Rankings – A Quick Look at a Slow Process

Number One Rankings – A Quick Look at a Slow Process

If you could grant anyone with an online business a wish, one of the wishes that you would hear more often than not is that they could secure a spot at the top of Google for a keyword of choice. To be certain, this would be one way for them to guarantee their success because owning that top slot can send an avalanche of traffic in your direction that does not stop, day or night.

For some people, this dream has actually become a reality and they are able to rank for a number of different keyword phrases that make them wildly successful with their business. There is something that all of them have in common, however, and this is something that you would do well to pay attention to. In order for them to achieve those rankings, they had to work very hard and they had to be patient while the entire process took place.

If you would like to be able to have some number one rankings in Google as well, here are a few things that you should put into motion right now. If you are able to do these things consistently and if you do not give up before you see the results that you are looking for, the success that they are experiencing can be yours as well.

The first thing that you need to do is to prepare yourself to stick with it for the long term. Search engine rankings do not come easily, especially for the highly competitive search terms. Although it certainly is not impossible for you to rank well in a short period of time, more than likely you are up against a number of other websites that have been working on it for a lot longer than you have. Prepare your mind for action and do whatever is necessary for you to take that action.

Although on page optimization is something that is important for you to take part in, it is the off page optimization that is going to make a real difference in where your website is ranking. From day one, you should begin acquiring links from other web properties and whenever possible, make sure that they are directly related to your topic as well. Choose your link text wisely, using a mix of the actual keyword phrase that you are trying to rank for along with a smattering of other keyword phrases in order to keep things natural looking.

You can also engage in article writing or blog commenting in order to gain additional exposure for your website and backlinks as well. Although they do not necessarily hold the weight as a true link from one website to yours, they do hold some weight and can help to boost your ranking over the course of time.

Although it certainly is a slow process to get your website to number one, it is not one that is impossible. Continue to work on it and do something every day to push you in that direction. When you finally reach your goal, the rewards will be well worth any effort that you put into it.