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Landing Page Optimization Tips – Review Site Optimization to Increase Conversion Rates!

Landing Page Optimization Tips – Review Site Optimization to Increase Conversion Rates!

This article is meant to give affiliate marketers some useful Landing Page Optimization Tips to increase conversion rate. This Article will mainly focus on review site optimization. Because this type of landing page is being widely used by a lot of internet marketers.

1. Remove Top Navigation From The Top of Pages!

The goal of a landing page is make your visitors to take action, clicking on your affiliate links and purchasing! So when you have someone visit your landing page, you won’t want them to jump around your site or possibly head off another. Remove any site navigation that are distracting your visitors from the actions you want them to take! If navigation or site information is important and needs to remain on your page, place them at the bottom of the pages.

2. A Strong Headline!

Place a Strong Headline on top that addresses the major benefits of the product or service you’re promoting. If a visitor is attracted by your ad and go to your review site, but don’t know what your site is about, he/she will click on the back button as quickly as possible. So put a strong headline and make it clear what your site is all about!

3. Keep Important Info Above the Fold.

Keep your important information above the fold, don’t force your visitors to scroll down to figure out what your site is all about. Visitors only care about if the information is what they are looking for and if they can get a solution from your site. The attention span of visitors is very short, you have to seize every second to tell them the most important info.

4. Striking Call-To-Actions.

Place striking Call-To-Actions like anchor links or buttons below each product. I see some landing pages with very vague call to action. Image when your visitors want to buy but can’t find the links, you lose them. So Let your visitors easily find your call to actions and make it striking. That is one purpose that your landing page is made for.

5. Recommend #1 Product!

I see a lot of review sites which give review of dozens of products(excluding some special niches). Maybe they just want to make visitors confused. Visitors come to your site to get purchase suggestions. So you need to come up with your conclusion which one they should purchase! Or they will keep on search for a complete solution on other affiliate landing pages and you will lose the money!