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Market Samurai – How to Use For Competitor Analysis

Market Samurai – How to Use For Competitor Analysis

Getting page one ranking on Google is very difficult for most people. The secret is finding keywords that are not so competitive and typically this means you need to find long tail keywords that have not been discovered by a lot of people. That is what any keyword tool that you purchase should do, at a minimum, and that is where I spend a good chunk of my time – mining for long tail keywords.

Once you discover the long tail keywords you want to target, you then need to understand who your competition is for that keyword phrase. Market Samurai provides a module called SEO competition that allows you to explore each one of the top ranked, page one listings to see why they have secured the top position, and helps you identify what you can do to maybe secure a page one listing.

Market Samurai provides the following competitive pieces of info:

on page optimization – A table represents several data elements including the on page optimization components for a particular website. At a glance you will see if the page has been optimized for the targeted keyword by using the meta tags (title, description, keywords) or header tags. You can instantly see where you need to spend more time to compete for this keyword and you can start making changes to your pages to improve the on page optimization characteristics of your blog or website.

off page optimization – The same table also provides a snapshot at domain age, page rank, back links, number of pages that are indexed, etc. This is very helpful as you now can understand how difficult it might be to secure a page one position based on all the off page optimization that has to be done.

external analysis – There are links in a drop down box that you can click through to see Google Trends, Whois Information, Quantcast and Alexa data. Each one of these links provides a deeper dive into the website and you can information such as Alexa ranking, keywords that drive most traffic, demographic data, and much more. This gives you great information on who the target customers are and help you decide where you might want to advertise your website for that particular keyword.

page rank analysis and anchor text analysis – Clicking these buttons provides a glimpse into where their links are coming from and what anchor text they are using to create those links. Again, it is a great way to understand what you need to work on to improve your page ranking for that targeted keyword.

I do not want to leave the impression that any of this is easy or that you will see results overnight, because that is just not true. But this SEO competitive information that you can obtain by using Market Samurai to uncover competitor info will help you understand exactly where you should focus your time and energy to secure page one ranking. As with anything else in internet marketing, you will not see results overnight, but over time you can gain page one ranking for your targeted keywords.