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No Nonsense Copywriting Tips For Slow Sales Sites

No Nonsense Copywriting Tips For Slow Sales Sites

Is your website a dribbler? Do sales slowly dribble in? If so, chances are that the culprit behind the problem is your copy. Let me help you with the problem by giving you a few copywriting tips that work. If you don’t believe that your copy is the problem take a look at the website stats and you will find that indeed it is.

If you are a bit defensive regarding your copy don’t worry every copywriter is. Chances are that the copy is good but there is something lacking. What is lacking is the personal touch.

11 Revenue Building Copywriting Tips

#1 – Visualization – Image the ideal buyer and create your copy with their picture snugly in your head. Imagine that you’re the buyer. What’s your complaint? How could it be fixed? Don’t talk to the through the buyer.

#2 – Perspective – Consider adjusting the point of view on some of your copy. Rather than writing “Our Firm has two decades of experience” consider “Imagine working with a firm that has two decades experience you could rely on.”

#3 – Passive Aggressive- Substitute passive verbs with action in mind that action within your copy can easily stir up action within your buyer.

#4 – Get Personal – Write just as you talk. It’s vital that your buyer think that you’re chatting only to them. Forget about writing like an author or authority and begin chatting as if you really are a good friend.

#5 – Pacing – Keep the sentences and paragraphs brief and simple to read. Absolutely nothing turns off a viewer more quickly than a wall of apparently impassable words.

#6 – Expression – You aren’t a reporter and make sure you never write copy objectively. Express your self vibrantly.

#7 – Involvement – Have the viewer involved by asking them questions exactly like you might if you were relaxing on the deck at a BBQ. Involved customers tend to be very likely to buy.

#8 – Be Human – Go through your copy and trim the geek speak swapping it with actual human expressions. Sales isn’t about writing in perfect Language. In the event you insist upon staying grammatically proper your profits will suffer.

#9 – Contractions – Using contractions brings your copy alive for your reader. They won’t be reading through a boring sales page, they’ll be chatting with a buddy.

#10 – Cut the Crap – Read through your copy out works. When you are stuttering over phrases and words eliminate them. Significantly less filler creates a flowing easily read copy style.

#11 – Call to Action- One of the many difficulties that a lot of novice copywriters encounter is not truly asking for the sale. Naturally most people would rather be told the direction to go and that means you can’t hesitate to tell them to purchase. Position a call to action in strategic locations throughout the copy and don’t be passive about this. Actually tell them to purchase now or contact you now.

Copywriting Tips for Non-copywriters

Creating effective copy regularly requires many years of practice and you can do it should you set your mind to it. If you’re having difficulty obtaining result that you desire maybe you should think about working with a freelance copywriter as you practice. These copywriting tips have proved to be profitable over time so make use of them to boost your profits.