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Myths About On Page SEO

Myths About On Page SEO

On page SEO should not be overlooked as it is a vital part of overall SEO activities. Some people do this because of a few myths that are sometimes heard about this subject.

Search Engines Care About the Platform

It has been said that it is easier to get a good ranking with a blog rather than a static site. This is not the case, the search engines want to provide the best result for their users so it would be pointless to consider the platform used by a site.

Having said that, search engines do want to see sites being regularly updated and it is likely that a blog will be updated more frequently both because it is easier to do so and that is the nature of blogging.

On Page SEO Is Not Important

It is true that off page factors are more important in determining search engine ranking but that does not mean that on page SEO is unimportant. It is actually the basis for all SEO activities because it is important to ensure that the relevancy of the content is clear to the search engines, before building links to it. If on page SEO is good the content will rank well with fewer backlinks.

Good On Page SEO will Produce High Search Engine Rankings

The success or failure of a site to get a good ranking depends on the choice of the right keywords at the outset. It is possible to optimise content for any keywords but if they are very competitive it will be extremely difficult and time consuming to get a good ranking. If the keywords are dominated by large companies (with big marketing budgets) it will, in practice, be impossible.

On Page SEO Cannot Be Negative

There are in fact several things that can be done on page that will have a negative impact. Whilst it is important to write in a way that search engines can understand it is important not to write for them or try to trick them in any way. Keyword stuffing (repeating the keyword too many times) is an example of writing for the search engines. Using hidden text or hidden links is an example of trying to trick them. In either case the result will be negative for your SEO.

External links is another area where care is needed. Whilst having links is good, they should be to relevant authority sites. Any links to dubious sites (those that engage in SEO practices that the search engines disapprove of) will have a negative effect.

On Page SEO is Difficult

On Page SEO is really just a lot of simple steps, the only problem is remembering them all and checking that they have all been done properly. Once a site is configured well for on page SEO purposes, most of the issues are to do with use of keywords (where they are placed, how frequently, with what emphasis etc.) and links (internal and external).

For WordPress users there is a plugin called “SEOPressor” which can check on page SEO and give recommendations for improvement. This makes the process much easier.