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On Page Optimization – Things You Should Know

On Page Optimization – Things You Should Know

On page optimization is a process through which you can improve the traffic on your website. It helps in improving the rank of the website in the search engines so that there is better visibility and visitor satisfaction. There are several factors affecting on page optimization and these are controlled the code on your page or by you. It is an extremely important part of internet marketing. There are different methods that people all around the world follow to optimize their content.

• Keyword analysis aids in finding new markets, increasing conversions and optimizing spends. However, it is time consuming.

• Optimizing page for local search functions on the principle of optimizing the website for keywords with the intention of finding a company in a specific geographic location.

• Analyzing in Google Insights will provide you with the number of searches for the items entered by you throughout the Google domain. This is relative to the amount of searches on Google over time. You can also select properties which include product search, news search, images and web search.

• Content analysis is a procedure which summarizes the content by counting different aspects of it. It is a quantitative method which analyses words and produces results in percentages and numbers.

• Web page title is an important part which is often overlooked by optimizers. A page title is the name given to the web page or web site. It can be of various designs including header, plain text or decorative clip art banner.

• Meta Description is a summary of the entire content page provided above the content of the page. Meta description tag contributes in increasing the page ranking and actually impacts the number of readers clicking on your page.

• Meta Keywords help in improving the page ranking with the help of selected terms that are searched most often. These are prepared by scanning for important terms through the article. Pick such 15 terms which can describe the content concisely and prepare the list.

• The titles and subtitles contained within the text of content are known as headings.

• Google local listing provides the ultimate manner in which the local lists appears in Google Maps.

• A broken link is such a link that does not function any more. These are also known as deal links. This happens due to failure to update old pages which then become permanently unavailable.

• W3C or World Wide Web Consortium is an organization which maintains the standard of content on websites. Your website must comply with the guidelines and then be validated by W3C online.

• Image optimization is an important tool to market website. It can be done by adding images to the website along with ‘alt’ attribute. Google crawlers are not able to read images without the addition of ‘alt’. So, incorporating ‘alt’ is essential in image optimization.

• XML sitemaps are useful for letting Google know about the structure of your website. URLs are defined by the sitemap and they contain information such as the last update of files. Submission of sitemap to Google is easy.

• Web robots are programs used frequently by search engines to index the web content and hence travel freely through the web world. Website owners utilize it to provide instructions to web robots about their websites.

• Google Analytics or GA is a service provided by Google which produces detailed statistics about the traffic on a particular website. It is capable of tracking visitors from all networks and search engines.