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SEO Basics is Easy to Learn

SEO Basics is Easy to Learn

You have two choices to choose from when it comes to generating can generate leads by using free traffic generation or paid traffic generation. You have to learn a way to drive traffic to your site for free.

How can you position yourself to be at the top?

The method to positioning yourself to the top of Google for Free is with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Millions of people look for information on line, you have to be where they are looking. You have to get into people minds so you can be found for what ever they are searching for in your niche. You have to ensure your website shows up in the top spots and you will get lots of traffic, leads and sales.

How do I get to the Top?

There are 2 components of SEO; on page SEO (your website) and off page SEO (link building). It’s all about persuading Google to push you to the top. Your content has to be relevant and it must win the popularity contest. You need to establish some authority and get human votes (inbound links). They key to it is to find the right keywords, make it relevant, make it unique, and have the most popular votes.

On page Optimization?

When you are posting content on your website you want to make sure that your tags. This consist of your title, Meta description and Meta keywords. If you are using a blog (which you should be) there is a plugin that helps with the tagging. The best plugin to use is call All in One SEO. You can use the Google Keyword Tool to help you choose your keywords.

Make sure that you use your keyword in your title.

Off Page Optimization

Links is the name of the game. The more links, the better your site will rank. The key more links. This is where people go wrong because they get their links wrong. You want to have deep links leading back to your site. Deep links are you website name/your post name and a regular link is just your website name.

So how do you get links?

When you put out content, you have to make a way for people to find your information. To get links you want to submit your articles to directories, use social media and social bookmarks. You should be posting your original content on your website first. You want to spin that article so that you can have more unique content, using the same keywords. Use Anchor Text to give credit to your original site.

You should creating valuable content. Relevance is very important. Don’t say your content is about oranges and it is about apples. If you want to reach the top, have more links pointing at your site.