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SEO for a CEO – Tips and Tricks For Page Optimization

SEO for a CEO – Tips and Tricks For Page Optimization

Is your page optimized for search? Remember that each page of your website (unless you’ve told the bots not to index it in your file) is an advertisement for your business. You can’t choose which pages a user lands on, so calls to action and reasons for conversion should be present on every page if possible.

Let’s focus on the basics of page optimization, and a few things you should pay close attention to when reviewing and optimizing your website pages:

Page filenames should be keyword-rich. “” is not as effective as “../sales-widget/widget-1-uses.” Let’s remember to replace long URL strings with keyword-rich SEO text. The keywords used in the title should reflect words used in the content and the URL string of the page filename. Keep things consistent, and your ranking will improve!

Keep the keywords in the page title tag, and use the primary keywords first if possible. This is known as tag prominence and is critical for effective SEO techniques.

Description Meta-Tags are also crucial to website ranking and optimization. Start the description with your target keywords and use a question or questions to compel the reader to click on your link. Calls to action in descriptions are much more effective than making statements, and will increase your conversion rates. Be PROactive on your description meta-tags, not Reactive.

ALT tags are good to use for images with the primary keywords being first in the descriptive phrase, but keep them to a minimum. Stuffing your page with ALT tags, especially repetitive phrases, will not help your optimization efforts and could actually contribute to keyword stuffing.

Next article we’ll discuss H1 Tags, Anchor Text Links, Breadcrumb Trails, and more!