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Work Smart – Make Money on Auto Pilot

Work Smart – Make Money on Auto Pilot

Did you know that you can create a membership site on a WordPress blog?

Now for you that have never thought about having their own membership site with a WordPress blog, you may just want to give it some serious consideration.

Most of us when we start thinking about making money online we do it for numerous reasons, one obviously is for the money we can make, another reason that we look to the Internet to make money is to leverage our time so that we do not have to work so many hours.

One of the best ways of leveraging our time is to membership sites. Many people do not know that you can have a membership site with a WordPress blog however; using a WordPress plug-in you can do just that.

Two reasons why it is good to use the WordPress platform for your membership website are first, you can get it up real fast. Second, it is very easy to add content.

The great thing is that there are so many membership plug-ins to choose from that it will take no time at all for you to find the one that best suits your needs.

You can set your plug-in for basic membership, and intermediate membership, or something like a gold package.

You can set your membership site to where it shows a free portion membership, so that it will get the person’s attention so that if they want to upgrade their membership, they can do that as well.

With this plug-in you can set up ways to accept payments, keep track of your membership statistics. You can keep track of cancellations and the delivery of content, depending on how you want to distribute the content to your members.

Depending on how you set the settings on your plug-in you can have it to distribute the content depending on their membership level. So obviously if someone is that the free level they will get less content than someone at the premium level.

Another great reason to have a membership site is that your plug-in can protect your content and only release it under a very controlled system that you have created with the help of Word press and its plug-ins.

Can you see the advantage of having your own web membership site? If you did it correctly you would have to only create your content once and have it on a drip type system. Then all you would have to concentrate on is getting traffic to your membership site.